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January 10, 2009


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Wow, another fantastically inspiring interview, thank you Ashley and Margie. I loved the images of the first Fern Animals and it is wonderful to see the development of these special little creatures. I am a big fan!
Dream away dear Margie, the retreat sounds idyllic, perhaps we could begin a whip round and see how much we can raise!
I am so looking forward to sharing your very special day tomorrow at Resurrection Fern, what a year it has been for you. Congratulations and much joy to you and your family (jumping the gun a bit...see you tomorrow!) X


These creatures are so cute ! Especially the one with the scarf ... Thank you, Margie, for sharing all this with us. I am so curious, every day, to visit you !
I sent you an e-mail a few days ago asking you your postal address : I would like to send you little things I made to thank you ... Did you receive it ?
Have a wonderful day, waiting for tomorrow ...


Please accept this first reservation for a spot at your cottage crafting retreat! I love it!


I'm so happy to learn more about Ashley (oh my goodness I hope it's not too much to say but I totally sense a similarity in background and approach...so nice to find!) I can say too she's just as lovely in person! Her fern animals are absolute wonderments, treasures! I do encourage all to visit her website to see her other art endeavors they are really excellent. Gorgeous imagery!
Thanks so much Margie! This series has opened so many dialouges and is connecting others in a truly meaningful way. What a gift!

Elsa Mora

When I saw Ashley's creations for the first time I immediately fell in love with her world. She is an original and unique Artist with a wonderful vision and all this comes out in everything that she creates. I am so happy to read this interview with her. Thank you sooo much Margie and Ashley!
Elsita :)


I absolutely love that your cat's name is Kitchen. One of my cats is named Lunch. :) I love your blog!!! I'm going to have to spend a couple hours totally diving into it. I love nature and I love embroidery, so I know there's a world of inspiration here. So far, I've embroidered some flower designs and made a pillow for a friend, but nothing as fabulous as what you have been working on. Keep the beautiful creations coming!!!

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