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January 12, 2009


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I absolutely *LOVE* your work!!!! Mungo is fabulous!!!!!!


He's so cute!


oh i love mungo! i sew most things by hand,too, even my childrens clothing. my daughter is terrified of my sewing machine, aparently it is too noisy.

Karen Salva

Nice to meet you Mungo, looks like you found a great place to play...that is why I come here!


mungo is perfect. i love his beautiful streamlined shape.
and now i must find out more about the stone-carrying dolphins! :)


Really beautiful! Love the pictures as well, especially the one of Mungo on the mirror.

ellen kelley

He's a very handsome fellow!


I've never heard of a river dolphin before - very nice (but thought I should mention that dolphins are mammals, not fish...)

I love the embroidered detail on Mungo's chest!


He is indeed most dear. I love his story and his playful form. He's definitely found the right home!


your softie is wonderul. oh to see the stones they carry in their mouths.


I love Mungo, he's gorgeous! And I love the image of the river dolphins bringing stones for you to work with :-)


Oh, I love the Planet Earth series, as does my 9 year-old son. (Aka our resident wildlife expert!) Mungo is so sweet - what wonderful work!


I love Mungo too! So sweetly animated and delicate. Really wonderful!and the tiny stone...oh, perfect!


So, SO amazing! Every time I come here I'm just blown away by what you've created.

I've been watching that series this week too!


Mungo has won the popular vote for being the cutest dolphin! You are so creative and generous in sharing your creativity with us. Thanks.


I love Mungo SOOO much! Each hand stitch looks so delicate and full of love! That tiny covered stone is wonderful. What an amazing first softie of the '09. You're off to a brilliant start!

Elsa Mora

Oh Margie!!!!
Mungo is amazing!!! and it is sooo perfectly made, I really love it. And the photos that you took are so beautiful, I love the colors and composition.
Elsita :)


mungo seems wonderful, i can't wait to meet him :)


Mungo is so adorable! I used to want to be a dolphin trainer so I have a soft spot for anything dolphin :)


Absolutely wonderful! Your creativity astounds me and keeps me coming back to see what is next!

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