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January 24, 2009


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Beautiful photos.

I never used to be a fan of snow. I don't like being cold, I was scared of the roads when it was icy, etc.

But the last two winters have been very weird and unnatural. Finally, I have a love for snow as I feel the fear that it is leaving us.


You bet ...on the question do I know snow!

I'm from Alaska...and I've seen my fair share of snow. Now I'm in the Midwest and they have some here too (not nearly in the quantities that I'm used to).



Oh my that photo with the pine cone is just breathtaking.


As you know, when you live in Canada, snow is a very big part of your life :)
It isn't just the way it looks that catches me though, how it smells and how the air feels is a big part of the pleasure.
Beautiful photos (as always)!


I think you've captured the essence of snow beautifully. That quiet blanket, making a beautiful backdrop for the dead and dried winter things.

skunkboy creatures

It's true, I live in a place that used to get blanketed with snow every winter. Now, we're lucky if we get enough once a year to sled in the morning before the sun melts it all that same day. I makes me so sad. I'm still crossing my fingers for snow this year...


I woke up this morning to a lighter sky. I thought the fog had lifted and we were finally seeing the sun. No, it was light reflecting off the snow that fell overnight. Beautiful photos.


I find it really hard to photograph snow, so I'm studying your beautiful images for some guidance. Thanks for your poignant reminders about how real the effects of climate change are.


The sad part is you cant photo
what it is like to wake up to a
snow day.... or looking up into
the sky and seeing the snow start
and catching one on your tounge.
You cant photo the clean crisp
smell of a big snow and how
fresh and clean everything feels,
as my dad said it is as if winter
is mother nature cleaning up for
spring" but what will we do if
she cant do that anymore??
And the best part of snow?
there are many like how family
snuggles closer.
Or how it feels when your a kid
and you have played all day out
side as hard as you could... that
you fall asleep while eating
soup and hot chocolate and
watching the Mupetes and you have
to be carried to bed.
That is the best I remember about
snow, that and waking up the next
day to get anouther snow day!
Yes I rememeber the snow, and
being a kid, that was great too!


I did't grow up with snow. I remember a rare San Francisco morning when it "kind" of snowed. I made a 6 inch snowman and put it in the freezer before it would melt. We moved to the East to be close to the seasons 8 years ago. The cold can be challenging for me, but the snow is always pure pleasure and beauty.

Erin Nolan aka pejnolan

I've been saying that the last few years are "like when I was a kid" and my son who is 16 thinks that it is one of those "we walked uphill both ways" type of stories. I dread the winter because I don't warm up again until Spring, but on the other hand I love that is gets so cold because all those germs and icky stuff get frozen to death outside. Besides, if we didn't have harsh winters, how would we appreciate the pleasures of Spring, Summer and Autumn?

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