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January 23, 2009


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Ah, I wish we had ice ripples here, our climate is getting warmer and warmer, the Daffodils and other spring flowers are already well established in the garden and hedgerows, a poignant reminder of the health of our planet I'm afraid. What a wonderful lesson the ripples have unearthed! As children (it really was colder then!) my bother, sister and me would snap the icicles off the front of our porch and try and preserve them in the freezer. Thank you for bringing this long forgotten memory back to mind today.


Oh dear! Do you think my typo in the above post is a Freudian slip!


As always I love your photos. :)
“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
Albert Einstein
I think that I find your curiosity refreshing and inspiring. I hope that I can
teach my children to be so
Rane and kids.


Margie, your gorgeous icicle photographs are like visual haiku (the Japanese characters in a written haiku are written vertically, stacked like icicles!). Your observation of the upward-flowing ripples could be the source for endless haiku. (Haiku traditionally include a seasonal reference, according to wikipedia.) Here's one:

In winter the ice
fights the forces of nature
to ripple upward.


Spectacular! Nice pictures!


We have these same rippling icicles outside our sun room each year. They grow in front of a bank windows, so they are our January "view"! I've always love them, but you have brought so much more depth to them with this post. Pat's beautiful comment added, as well!

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