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January 21, 2009


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Oh, Margie, your artic fox is so beautiful ! Especially with his sweater ... Such a good surprise opening my computer !


I love him very much, so short
dark and Handsome. LOL!!!
He makes me think of a fox in
the story of the sky is falling
that I read to my son.
I do get the last pic since I am
potty training here. hehehehe!
Tooo funny. Ah boys will be boys.
This guy seams like he has
trouble written all over him,
you better keep an eye on all
of your eggs!


Ooh, he's GORGEOUS!

So animated and twinkle-eyed - he looks like he's up to something that fox! I'd be careful around the house - he's looking for hi-jinks to get up to.

And I laughed too.


Truly gorgeous - and he displays great good humour in his disposition...


What a cute fox!
And by the way, you had the only correct guess for the maple syrup tap. If you'll send me your address, I'll mail you your bottle of syrup when it's ready. Congratulations!


so clever!


I love him! I laughed out loud when I saw him in his sweater- so cute! The last pic is hilarious- lots of personality.


i love him! i love the way his head tilts just so.. he looks very devious ;)


What a cutie pututie! I adore his sweater. I see the making of a children's book here.


It's the hoodie that does me in. Genius :-)


He's wonderful! I love his little sweater. I'm going to have to keep my daughter away from my computer or I can predict what my next sewing request will be.


SO cute! He does have quite a personality.


beautiful work - especially the face.

Dale Smith

I think that he is one of my favourites!

Dale Smith

I think that he is one of my favourites!

Dale Smith

I think that he is one of my favourites!

Dale Smith

I think that he is one of my favourites!


He is INCREDIBLE and the last picture cracked me up!


That little sweater is SO cool! Love it!


Adorable! I love his sly little face and the last photo is a hoot! Cheers.


That last picture is great! It's not just you, I laughed out loud when I saw it.

joni s.

love the pocket detail. i bet he cant wait to use it for more than just eggs.


I started laughing from the 6th photo of Oliver!!!



UUMMM putting an already cute little guy in an even cuter hoodie? CRUEL! It's too cute!


He's a marsupial fox in that lovely sweater!


I didn't have a chance to get my Resurrection Fern fix early in the morning as I usually do, so it's with great anticipation that I sat down to savor your Artful Dodger post. My daughter will be thrilled when I show her this tomorrow, since Oliver Twist is her favorite book and her current obsession. And I am just amazed at how much personality you sewed into him--I can see that he was talking to you as he was being created, and guiding your hands. He's a sly one indeed! I agree that he should become a children's story!


What an adorable Arctic fox!! I love how much emotion he exudes, along with cleverness :) He looks like he wants to steal some of your fabulous and whimsical crocheted rocks!


he is great! you are very talented.


I saw him in all his glory last night on flickr, I couldn't wait to return to read all about your process and his birth. Love him even more, now! Including that last photo...whohoo! Quite the fox! My entire family came to sit around the screen and look at your marvelous work tonight.You inspire and intrigue all ages, I love that!


You always amaze me. :) Your fox is adorable and his sweater just kills me with it's cuteness.

Elsa Mora

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him margie!!! With all my heart! For some reason he reminds me of Diego, specially the last picture. Sometimes Diego does something "bad" but I cannot get mad at him, never, ever because he is just sooo adorable!!!
What a personality!!!!
Love !
Elsi :)


Sorry I'm a few days late with this, but had to comment still...

Yes, I am lol over that photo! And I just love this creature. I mean, I *love* him sooooo much! So creative and full of personality.

Julie Abuelsamid

I'm always so delighted with your creativity when I visit your blog. You're so talented. I love the artic fox! He's a scamp.

Julie Abuelsamid

I'm always so delighted with your creativity when I visit your blog. You're so talented. I love the artic fox! He's a scamp.

wholesale artful dodger

Hey! this is pretty good stuff. what a cool and very funny fox. I really enjoyed reading it. hope to create that in my own.


wholesale artful dodger

Good post. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for this entry.

Rodney Harrison

That is the nicest looking fox I've ever seen.

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