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January 26, 2009


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Wonderful post! I am captivated by the frost patterns on your window. We don't get that kind of thing here. Very neat!


A rich and beautiful weekend and all for such a "deal"! Your new doll is unbelievable... you had me at the sneak peak, with all of the textures in her skirt... the details of her ribbon and embroidery are wonderful!


Wow! Jack Frost is some artist!

And...I used to have a small collection of dolls like yours, from around the world. Most of them were tourist tat, but I remember one like that (would be vintage now, I suppose).
I didn't appreciate them as a child, because I couldn't play with them, so in one of our many moves, we gave them away.


I wish there was a Value Village where I live (I'm not even sure what it is!). That doll is so sweet!


I also had dolls like that (mostly from Austria)...and I also didn't play with them. I don't know if I still have them or they're gone with the wind. I'm jealous of the $5 cyclamen plants! How lovely!

Oh! And I LOVE the frost "painting" on the windows. Very beautiful!


beauty must not be expensive! great things and very meditative...

Emily Moss

You certainly do know how to live a thrifty and wholesome life. This post was most inspiring. I look forward to flea market season in the spring... I will have a long list of things to search for to enrich our lives...

michele (Maryland)

I do remember going and shopping at Value Village, I loved it, such great things there. We have nothing of the sort here in Maryland. I must remember to visit a couple when we return for our annual visit to Ontario this summer..thanks for the memories, again, Margie!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love your new doll she is so sweet.Love the new boxes aren't they sweet too!
I just adore the crochet stones you make !!
Sweet blog I love how relaxed I feel reading your posts I will be back.


I love the doll. I go to thrift stores and the DAV (Disabled American Veterns) store. The proceeds from the sale goes to aid the vets. You never know what treasures one will find!


Absolutely stunning frost art!!!!! Great pictures!


Great finds and great buys! I love the kitties!


So true! I tend to feel better anyway when I haven't blown through a lot of money. And that doll is just spectacular.


Sweet kitties!


Jack Frost is such a generous and beautiful giver! I like those wooden boxes, which look like splendid homes for your beautiful crocheted rocks.

I enjoyed this post very much -- beauty and art is all around us, and it does not have to set back our pocketbooks.


Your work, both crochet and photography, is simply beautiful.

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