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January 29, 2009


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stone diaries.... what a wonderful, poetic idea


It is such a wonderful Stone Diary ! Here, we are waiting for less wind and coldness to "harvest them" and send them to you !

Aw ! Such a very poetic idea ...
I wish I had smooth stones here ... But Paris isn't very "smooth-stoned" !
Maybe when I'll be in Provence at my parents :)
x x x


Stone Diaries...how cute!

I love those rocks! I really love what you do with them too. I have several smooth rocks from our trip to Lake Superior that I'm trying to decide what to do with. We had such a wonderful trip there that it'd be nice to make something with the rocks...so that we could look at that whatever and remember our fun trip.
Any suggestions?


Lovely Lovely Stones, and people.
I love our sweet little blog
family! I love that we all take
care of each other!
Margie I hope you have loads of
fun with your new stones!
Take care all,
Rane and a stampede of kids.


I love this!! Stone diaries... stone journeys, histories, tales, and soon: their evolution into beautiful art as you hold them in your hands. Thanks for starting my morning off so well... the Margie touch. Ahhh.


What a great idea to make a stone diary. Langeland and Als are both islands of Danmark, I forgot to mention that.



those stones are wonderful, like blank canvasses full of possibility :)


I think Barry Polisar needs to add another line to the lyrics for "All I Want Is You."

"If you were a rock, I'd be the moss."
"If you were a rock, I'd be your thread."



How nice to see our stones here! As I was packing them up, I thought about how many adventures they have already had and how many more they will have in the future... just think, many years in my garden and many, many years of being wrapped in beautiful crochet are just an instant in the life of a rock!

You'll be happy to know that our 2-yr-old now calls our rock pile "Margie's rocks," and our 4-yr-old brought me a "special magic rock that is full of love" yesterday. He said that the more love you put into it, the more love you get back. I know he was inspired by all of the rock talk that we've had about your blog.

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