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January 27, 2009


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I love the big photo so much!
I love it all! My favorite is the
turn key! It looks like it has
a bottle opener on it too!
I love the old key too! Put it
in card stock, add a small lock
and heart .... give it too your
husband...."key to my heart!"
I also love the pencil sharpener
handle....(it is on the right
above the Oscar tag) When I was
a kid the sharpener handle use
to fall off all the time and
looked just like this. I maybe
wrong, or our sharpener had a
strange handle!!!LOL!!!
I think that you could make post
cards with your photos!!
Thank you for this eye spy....
love the red jack and the bobbin!


What a fun post, like a treasure hunt. It had both my and my boyfriends full attention :) We tried to see what of all the objects we recognized. I see a lot of classic items I would have seen over the years - in my grandma's jewelry box, in my uncles toys (he had interesting toys even when he was a grown up), in old boxes and jars at flea markets. The metal jack held the most memories for me - playing with my brother and sister and the mentioned uncle at my grandparents lake house in Massachusetts. Such a long time ago! The little cupie doll leg really sets a certain tone of aging thru time. I had to wonder about the person who stashed that little leg in the box, maybe hoping to fix it some time.


These are the treasures that find their way into my dreams. Thank you Rane, for identifying the pencil sharpener handle! Yes! I love each piece... but the red jack is my favorite! Well, maybe the key and the rose, too!


the hook at the bottom over the bobby pin is for doing up old timey button boots (i believe). i know this because my sweetheart has been wanting a pair of said boots forever.


i like the birdhouse (?) pin most :) & the old key, i have a thing for those, i collect & pick up every key I find :)


I adore the key and the Canadian badges (?), the little leg (arm?) is very poignant, I wonder what happened to the other parts? I am very excited to see your collections as I have had these things on my mind for a couple of days, I stumbled across these on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/miniaturerhino/3079185378/ and have been excitedly planning a post in my head, wonderful that you are exploring this theme
too. My Grandmother's button tin was a source of such delight as a child, it was one of the rituals of any stay with my Grandparent's, opening the button tin, tipping everything out and sorting. I can still remember the smell, clean, brassy, dusty,papery. I would love to see that tin again. I am going to start a collection for Ishi so that he doesn't miss out on discovering the treasures inside a button box. Thank you for sharing your treasures Margie.


What a delightful treasure to browse through. Brings back memories. Thank you for that.



What neat treasures!

We love buttons around here. My oldest sorted my button collection by color which was very helpful. And my mom just sent me a bunch more! Yippee!


Ah - you're a woman after my own heart..... I adore buttons and old haberdashery treasures. I have a lot of my grandmother's buttons and bits. That last large pic is brilliant. I'd blow it up and hang it on my sewing-room wall.....


I don't know how I stumbled upon your site however I immediately noticed the nova scotia flag!
I love old boxes of buttons :-)


I love your button jars! I love buttons, period! I have collected lots over the years! It is amazing what all you will find in old button boxes and tins. I love it when I come across boxes or tins full of buttons at yard sales!
Have a Blessed Day,


I love the heart key, the roller- skate key and what looks to me like a spring, that's place vertically on the right side of the collection.(I'm currently experimenting crocheting springs on boucle yarn.)

I have a button box that has buttons from my grandmother and my mother. I love buttons!



What great treasures! I wonder what impelled a person to keep the doll leg. It's my favorite piece in your collection...

Oh yes, and Newsies is one of my favorites too.


Thank you for sharing all of these treasures! I may have to have you photograph the contents of my vintage sewing baskets. I love playing I Spy, and I thank Rane for identifying my favorite item: the crank for a pencil sharpener. That aged blue/turquoise handle is the best!! I also like all of the Canadian pins and the coins. Is the bird coin an old Loonie?


I love the way you organized your buttons!!

I don't have a button box, but do you remember those glass teddy-bear shaped jars peanut butter used to come in? I have all of my buttons in those, and I also keep them a bunch in my dad's old plastic tobacco canisters. They come in so handy for storing a lot of small things.


I love Newsies! And buttons! That green watch is amazing, what a find!


yes, the pictures are just like i-spy. i'm always on the lookout for jars of buttons at thrift stores and rummage sales, and over the years i've amassed quite a collection. there are always odd items mixed in - single earrings, broken zipper pieces, safety pins, paper clips. tomorrow is my son's 100th day of school, and he decided to count out 100 buttons to take to his class. i was thrilled to be able to indulge his request. we barely made a dent in the stash.


Wonderful post! What fun to browse your treasures. I found many of them evocative--the doll leg, the jack, the little green watch that looked like the charms we got from gumball machines, the pair of eyes, the wind-up key, and the metal fitting from a bra or slip strap.


A friend, who is an avid button collector and I thought button boxes would make a great short story because of all the non-button items you find in them. We laughed about the common finds we had encountered - always a marble or two, garters, pennies, screws, washers, etc. What a fun way to spend the evening. Cheers.


I love buttons, too. I've always thought it would fun to select some buttons and make an outfit that shows them off. Usually, it's the other way around...I make an outfit, then try to find buttons to match.


oh buttons! buttons! I love buttons! My mom and I are always on the look out for more.

I used to sell them on ebay and sometimes I wonder why I let such amazing pieces go!

Once, a man was selling things on the side of the road, out a of a van, so I stopped, naturally. He talked a lot to me that afternoon, practically given me his recently deceased sister's buttons collection. It was so sweet!


When I read "button jar" I was instantly transported back to my childhood home. There was a cupboard that was acessable by climbing onto the monsterous stove. Inside the cupboard was a jar filled with buttons. I would sort through those buttons by the hour. I don't know what happened to that jar. I wish I had it in my home.


i like the mechanical toy key, i think you know why ;) i wish i hadn't missed the newsies though!


I see a fish hook - ouch! The key to a wind-up toy, a jewelry box key, a pair of collar studs, one chain-and-pearls cufflink, the crank to a hand-cranked music box? and blood donor pins.


(amanda's from above's mom) I had gotten started by buying literally pounds of these treasures at auctions. Boxes, cans, jars. They had taken over my basement. The thrill of sifting through a lifetime of frugality to find gems!
Can't believe i let some go on ebay, either also can't believe how much money i made on them either!


i'll mention the fuse! i changed a few of those in our older VW bugs and landcruisers. and they seem worth keeping, once burned out i was sure i could use the glass tube to contain something special. i like the metal slide boxes they come in, too.

i think the most i have spent on baggies/jars of buttons was $10 for a baggie of 2" dia. mother of pearl buttons. such luck!


Hello! I was so very excited when you started talking about buttons. I just love buttons. It goes way back to when I was little, my great grandmother (Gramma #2) would watch after me when I came home from school. She lived in a house with a basement and at the bottom of the stairs on a shelf on the right was a tin of buttons. I just loved playing with them. Recently when I was talking to my mom about this memory, she told me that she had this tin. When she brought it to me, I was ecstatic. The tin is smaller than I remembered and is a marshmallow tin. The buttons are stunning, and being inspired by your wonderful photographs, I spent an afternoon arranging them on an old quilt, sewn by the same Gramma #2 and shooting photos. When I figure out how to download the photos, I will try to send you a shot or two, if you would like. Sorry this is so long, but I LOVE buttons!!! Thanks for sharing your talent.


In these photos I like the baby leg the best. I go to auctions here sometimes and get these boxes as well. There are so many treasures! I have begun taking some of them and putting them in a bags with plastic pellets and windows in them for my son to play with at church. My husband doesn't agree with everything I put in them (like the disembodied hand) but I think they are a great way to use these little... "things."

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