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February 12, 2009


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What a great series of photos, and yes, that last one is magical! So charming!


Ok thats it you have to have a
contest to name this handsome
fellow! You cant keep a guy like
this with out a name! I am
glad that you wont be alone!
I love all of your photos as
always! He is sucha sweetie~
What is the heart on the counter
made of? I can't wait to show the
kids this little guy!
Take care, our little family
loves you and wishes you a very
happy valentine's day!
Rane and baby


Good morning from me and Ishi, he is purring with excitement over the beautiful snail, we have to go snail hunting later now! The last image is our favourite too, do you think he/she is performing a ritual courtship, it can last up to 12 hours, quite staggering! I am hoping that you and your handsome Mr O will be able to hook up via the telephone tomorrow. I feel very lucky to have both of my boys with me. We will be sending you some virtual love tomorrow. How old is your snail guest do you think?


Oh, that last photo is just darling.


beautiful pictures, margie. i do love that last one. happy valentine's day! <3


love the snail :)
photos really capture the smallness and subtle movement progressively through time as snail moves from place to place
thank you!


my my!!
what an inqusitive and busy little snail

is he looking for his bedtime snack??

beautiful photos, and you are blessed that he has shared his journey with you!
kind regards, Annette


Thank you for the update on this little snail. And thank you for sharing these photos :) He seems right at home.


I must know more about this snail!!! This is too amazing.

I'm a new reader to your blog, by the way. :) Had to quit lurking and make a comment because... SNAIL!


Is it weird to be in love with a snail? Because I *love* your snail!! So very sweet. Such personality! I am glad to see that you appreciate this little life; I don't think everyone appreciates snails, etc., and that's a shame.


i think that snail is wondering why he's so darn cute. he looks like one of those serendipity characters, full of inquiry & wonder. i can see why he's chosen to stay, you give him so much color to live for!

Andrea (noricum)

Lovely photos, especially the first and last. :)

*hugs* I will try to spend the day not missing the love that I could not keep.


what a lovely snail tale :) i'll see you soon!


Just newly found your blog. Love it, thank you. What a snail tale today. The last photo made me chuckle. Happy Valentine's Day

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