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February 16, 2009


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I love your new piece so much! Totally unexpected... completely unique... utterly exquisite in it's details and lushness. I wish I could reach into the screen and touch it. Hurray for your terrariums! Yeah for you on Poppytalk!Have a great week... I will be dreaming of summer days lying on a bed of warm moss. I have a favorite mossy spot, I bet you do too.


You lucky gal you that you have
a bit of the forest right in
your kitchen, yet I should not
be surprized by you. And now your
bit of forest is portable!!!!!
Wow! This reminds me though of a
under ocean view. They *your pods*
look like ocean flora and fawna.
Thank you once again for
impressing me! I love them. What
will you do with these? Can they
be took apart or are they
made together?


Have you seen this? It reminded
me of you!


Oh oh oh ! Such a genius Margie !
I guess Fern's (your adoptive snail) face when he will discover it : his horns will turn in all directions and he will break his speed record to climb on, thinking he has found the Wonderland of Alice ...


What beauty! I love it!


I have seen so many wondrous things coming from you, but this is by far my favorite... I, myself, have always been overtaken by the beauty of nature, and mosses never cease to amaze me.

I am wanting so for spring and green and the loveliness it brings, but have of late seen only gray. However this little creation of yours has lifted my spirits like i thought only spring could.

So thanks Margie...


Not at all what I expected, and totally lovely.


These pieces are just absolutely inspiring and perfect.


Very cool! I think this piece is really wonderful.


I am in AWE of your world!

Elsa Mora

The concept of making these beautiful pieces focussing on the tactile experience is so wonderful Margie. I have re-discovered the tactile world through Diego. I haven't seen anybody who enjoys textures more than this little boy. One thing that he loves is grass. He gentle puts his little hands on the grass and then he looks at me and smiles. The little feeling of the glass "needles" touching the surface of his hands is something that he seeks all the time.

He also loves hair, if you hold him the first thing that he will do will be to touch your hair and feel the texture. He would enjoy touching your pieces so much. You could have a whole solo show with tactile pieces one day. Imagine people coming into the gallery and experiencing all the tactile surfaces, I would spend hours in the place.

The invitation for the show could be a card with something that you can touch, a little advance to the bigger show. Yay!!!! I am looking forward to the opening!!!!

Elsita :)


Gosh, that Elsita is one of the most intelligent women I have ever had the pleasure to *meet*! The solo show idea is an inspired one, I would definitely buy a ticket to Canada to be there. I guess the nature feels are a very natural development in your work, everything you make just begs to be touched and explored with the finger tips. Me and Ishi love the transition from yarn to stone on the Merfish. Stones feel so good againt the lips too, ask Ishi, he is an expert stone explorer! Congratulations Margie, another aesthetic triumph, oh and yay, you are on Poppytalk, some other friends there too, you are in good company.


As a fellow moss-lover, I'm so glad I found your blog! I just wish it didn't take so long! :)

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