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February 20, 2009


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I Love this project! How amazing!
and I Love baby toads as well, thanks for the image!


This post makes me miss the
summer even more. Great poetry
and photos. Your children have
your talent margie.

Mary Ann Wakeley

Such beautiful images and poetry. I love that you are collaborating with your son, Margie. It's nice when art can be a family affair.

This is really perfect Margie!
Mother and son together, bringing something beautiful to the world. Both, the poem and the photographs connect with each other in total harmony, I really see a book here.

Ben is a natural with words and he also has a beautiful mind. I was reading the super interesting debate that generated one of his poems here: http://thecreativeact.ca/2009/01/idiots-know-better/#comments
I enjoyed reading Ben,s points of view a lot. I feel inspired to write a poem myself, I wish that I could do in in English. I used to write poems and short stories in Spanish when I was living in Cuba and I got some things published but at some point I abandoned the writing.
In the end I think that poetry is the language of soul and it could translate into words, pictures, sound and movement. Every creative person has a little poet within.
Thank you sooo much for this beautiful post my friend!
Elsita :)

Laura G.

I feel lucky to have read that. Beautiful, beautiful collaborative project. Keep it coming!

andrea gutierrez

you have such a lovely blog here...


such a nice idea - and talent runs in the family


This is just beautiful. One day, I hope to collaborate with my daughter as well. What lovely photos and words. What a blessing to share this together.


This was so beautiful... the words, the images, the collaboration. Everything you do continues to inspire. Thank you for sharing the potential of what could be in the next chapter of parenting. Maybe it's not too early to start. You're son is gifted. I'm so happy that I didn't get to stop by until right now... bedtime. I will dream of summer and old trains chugging through fields...


Beautiful. You are so lucky to have complimentary talents so you can share projects :)

Ben J. O.

Thank you everyone for your encouraging and appreciative comments regarding my humble word-work. If I possess talent it is because I was encouraged to read a lot from an early age, and have been provided with a fine education by my parents. Thanks for the space Mom, I think it looks great. Lots of love.

Leigh Chandler

How beautifully poignant. What a blessing to work with your child and how lovely your talents compliment each other! Can't wait to see more.


what a lovely collaboration. Looking forward to more.


Beautiful poem and images! I'd love to hear more about the collaboration--which came first, the words or images?

Melissa R

Beautiful. How old is your son? I am so impressed. Did you give him photos and he wrote, or did he write and you looked through your photos for what would compliment the words?


That was lovely!


Wow it's all so beautiful... I'm glad it's gonna be a regular thing...


Absolutely awesome.

Vegetarian Man

What a beautiful poem and pictures.

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