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February 12, 2009


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absolutely wonderful!


they are so pretty, guess no I really want one


i realised today why i like your covered stones so much: for me, they are a delicate union between a woman and nature, threading layers of history and other women together. so beautiful.

Creative Origins

Absolutely beautiful!
I think I'm in love.


I love all of your stones but
I think that my favorite ones
are the ones that look like
sand dollars or Sea urchins
I realize that alot of your stones
do look like the dried shell
of the Sea Urchin after the spines
are off. I love all of them!
I would love to see you cover a
Sea urchin shell like this too!
I cant wait to see these stones
on flicker! I am nosey that way,
to see into the eyes of others
how they view beauty, and how they
would place something for a photo.
They are all different!
Thanks for the great photos as


Your Stones are so wonderbeautiful ! Each has his own personnality. I can imagine how difficult it is for you to let them go ... But I'm sure that their lucky new owners know how precious they are and will love them so much and will find them a special place ...
Thank you, Margie, to make me think to visit you on flyckr.


Your Flickr group is a wonderful idea, we have a little trip planned this weekend to the beach with the sugared almond stones, I am hoping that Feste and stripy swimmer will be interested in coming along, we may even have some sunshine! Thinking of you and the long journeys your stones in coats have undertaken. Lovely to see them in their new homes.


*sigh* Margie! *blush* today I am
a bad speller, not the first day
and no the last.


dear margie.
i have not left you a little note in a while... though i am still reading. i just used your knitted bunny tutorial for a valentines day bunny for my boyfriend ( a lil white one with a red vintage lace bow!)
also on a side note. a lovely lady in my 21st century art class just did a project on the amazing knit graffiti artists knitta please... if you haven't already heard of them you should most definatly check them out...
maybe next time I come to Toronto we could do a little yarn bombing of our own!
love from winnipeg


How about making some of these over pastel eggs or in pastel colors over papermache eggs for Easter??


wow! this is sooo cool!!

Nike Shox TL3

I like your new blog header/layout. The IT department at my university rolled out thin clients in our library a few months ago. There have been some software issues, but overall

they are working fine. It's been a bit of a learning curve for the students, but I think everyone is getting used to them. The library was the first installment but they're

hoping to transition all labs on campus to thin clients in the near future.We're working on a renovation as well, so this was helpful to think about moving beyond computers.


Nike Shox R4 Flywire

Sometimes it is not what happens that is the gift but what we learn. This is our doing - it is not the awful event that is the gift but how we respond.

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