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February 24, 2009


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These are wonderful, and so are
the dear souls that sent them
to you! Isn't it amazing that
there are people faraway from
you that never personally know
you, know you so well? The
Internet amazes me everyday!
I bet these stones never thought
they would travel so far!
Boy have you got a treat for
them being hugged in your careful
loving threads. I wonder what
stories you will weave onto them.
Happy dreams dear stones.


oh, both of those are so fantastic! some of those from oregon must come from the same beach that the two i have that my grandmother gathered came from. so much serendipity in the air this week.


I'm really enjoying your blog. Don't know what took me so long to discover it and all your beautiful pieces. I love these stone collections. My daughter and I are compulsive stone collectors, if you'd like some from the East coast of Kent, UK let me know:)


i have always loved rocks -- digging for them, collecting them, and have my collections scattered throughout my house -- when friends or i have traveled, i've asked for stones as "gifts" to bring back, and occasionally shells or wood --- it's lovely to have bits of the world -- iceland, ireland, costa rica, arizona, etc in different corners of my home...


You are so welcome Margie!! I am grinning from ear to ear :) It's fun seeing them all laid out in your patchwork. I had not thought of that! The vintage crochet thread... well, I could not resist.
Enjoy your Oregon stones. What a journey!


a stone and fabric patchwork... lovely. what a generous parcel!

hope you're doing well, margie. take care of you! x


What wonderful packages to receive in the mail!! I got my first package from Etsy yesterday - so exciting! The ribbons are great, I'll be interested to see them appear in future projects.


How wonderful! And stones from Oregon! :)

Laura G.

Honestly, I don't know why I haven't ordered any of your stones in the past. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I really admire your connection to nature, the care you put into your work, and into the whole process, really - as evidenced by these posts about the beautiful, special stones sent to you from remote corners of the world. What treasures!

Jackie and Gracie

My daughter loves your crochet stones she says I bet you might like to play with them

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