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February 14, 2009


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Good morning and happy valentine's day to you!
I enjoy the sunlight that streams through my eastern facing windows in the morning. It is like a gift and a promise all in one.
When it is bright it warms me even on the coldest day.
I enjoy it from another vantage point in the afternoon, as I wait for the family to arrive home and look out toward the western horizon the light is spread across the sky with colors that make my heart sing and ache at once and I am grateful for such beauty.


Happy Valentine's Day! The one non-human "thing" I love in the natural world would be dogs. I have three dogs, one I rescued from being shot. They are my best friends. I take them to work each day. They are my constant companions. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life. My life would not be as filled with joy if it weren't for my furry friends!


I love squirrels! I love to watch them scurry about hiding their acorns and I love watching them chase each other up the oak tree.
They love to tease my (indoor) cats.
They just make me laugh!


Mmh, it's a very hard question...I guess the answer would be probably creeks, especially in the woods. I love to spend long time just looking at the water flowing. It's almost like meditating...
Have a happy Valentine's day!


I love trees. I even chose my college based on tree availability. There is something that makes me feel complete when I am in the shade of a tree, even more so when it is a grove or forest of them. I grow roots and become as grounded and as strong as one of them.

julie adore

I love clouds and this quote:

"The clouds are like dreams. Sometimes gays, sometimes sad. It is believed the hold, they decompose on hand. The memory is often what remains the best."

[Harry Bernard]


Hard question. Do cats count? Ones that live inside all the time? Not exactly the "natural world"...


...I love raccoons, their curiosity and mischievousness, their lively eyes, their cute bandit mask...if I'm born again I want to be a raccoon for sure!

Have a great Valentine's day, my dear...:o*

Beth Grim

I absolutely love, love, the smell of the forest; that loamy, leafy, earthy, fresh smell I inhale whenever I'm walking in the woods. That smell seems to fill every molecule of my being as I breathe in, bringing the earth and air and moisture INTO my body and soul. Even if I lost the use of my eyes, I'd still have that smell to connect me to the natural world.


Lichen, that would be lichen. They come in so many different colors & shapes, they are so useful (specially to wild animals)& so beautiful as well. :) Happy Love Day, Margie. And thanks so much for hosting this very generous giveaway. :)


i absolutely love a good mushroom hunt! which for me means a solitary walk in the woods keeping an ear out for moose or bear, and an eye out for every fungi big or small. i bring my camera to take pictures of them in their natural setting. i collect whichever ones i dont already have a spore print of, or the ones i want to eat, and i bring them home. i love identifying them, memorizing their names, making spore prints, and Best of All arranging them on my scanner and taking their picture. :) ahh, i cant wait for spring!


No podría decir una sóla cosa, pero si lo ponemos todo junto como si fuera un conjunto diría que lo que más quiero son todas esas pequeñas cosas que pertenecieron a mis abuelos, bisabuelos,... y que cada vez que las veo o las toco me permiten sentirlos un poquito más cerca :)


I love the ocean! I miss it
greatly! In the morning just
at dawn when the sun comes up
just over the water I feel I can
see forever. I love the sweet the
smell of the ocean too! I love
the ocean but I love the beach
too! I enjoy walking along the
beach colecting what treasures
that are left by the ever giving
tide. The amazing thing is the
ocean is what connects us all,
we can say that there is different
oceans but truely the water you
look over is the same as the water
that let say someone in Japan
or italy or the U.S. And it is
the same as the past, poor or
rich we all see the same and
can touch and be touch by it
the same. I feel that it is what
cleanses the earth and is what
protects the earth from alot of
what we do to the earth. It is
a world all its own, there are
things in the ocean that we
have never seen even though we
have been to outerspace!
We have alot to learn from the
oceans and if we are not careful
it maybe even the downfall of
us if we do not care for them

Here is what my 12 year old said:
"I love berries, mushrooms, and food of the forest. Because they taste good."

My 7 year old said:
I love bunnies! Because they are
cute, and loveable! I love their
ears and cute pink noses. I love
their fluffy tails! They are
My 4 year old:
I love christmas trees. They
are green all year! That is
My 3 year old:
I love rocks they rock.
I love sand too. And mud,
because it is sticky.
2 year old:
I love teddy bears.

The baby could not make up her
mind. She was busy eating a

Creative Origins

I live on the East Coast and there is no greater thing than the moment the sun first breaks the horizon.


My Valentine's day was spent in good non-human company today. I am known for saying this: the living being that is most happy to see me is Jack, my dog, and I love him for it. Those puppy eyes (even though he's already getting on age-wise) looking at me adoringly as if I were the most important thing in the world just makes my day.

Love your pets and they will love you back two-fold.


I love my GARDEN. ( plus this necklace!) :) Our garden is a eternal fountain of inspiration and reward. In the Spring it is intoxicating to prepare the ground and plant seeds and plants. It is good for body and soul to re-enter the outside world. The smell and feel of earth and sore muscles. There is so much hope and excitement through the season as things begin to grow and flowers bloom. All summer long it is like an extra room for us. Full of rewards of beauty and food. A great place to play games and concoct potions for the kids. Forgiving and friendly even when you forget it for a while and then have to perform bandit-plant-exorcism. In the fall the beauty and food continues until frost-- when we get to say a chilly goodnight for the winter. It is our whole front yard, so when we use the front door-- it is nice to say hello and remember that spring is coming and dream of what to plant next year. :) DAwn

Mathyld / encore petite

It has to be music. Music always saved me from sadness, it gives me courage when I need it.
Gigs have been a lifesaver for me.
Intense Rock music in general, Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster in particular.

So Music it is.

x x x


I really like wet spider webs. You know: when tiny drops of water stay on the spider web and capture the sun light. I think it is just perfect.
And I relly like your blog :)


Happy Valentine's Day!
I love seeds. I love their varied packages (seed packets as well as the seed casings, themselves).I love the potential. I love the dreaming. I love tending. I love feeling the earth on my fingers as I plant them. I love watching and waiting. I love them as they grow. I love them as they bloom and ripen... flowers, vegetables, grass...
I love collecting them for a new year. I love seeds.


I love wheat fields. Their different stages, the way they look in different seasons. Green, tan, brown, fresh, waving, stubbly...just beautiful.

Thank you for this!


I love TREES.
I find these "wood beings" reassuring, comforting. Maybe because they have been here for a long time before and because they will be here for a long time after.
Time goes, they don't change.

Trees are so different to each others.
Most of them offer us a woderful show throughout the seasons with them beautiful colours !
I especially love trees in woods (sous-bois). The light filtered through their leaves brings a so special athmospher ... Shades and light ...
Some trees wear soft moss that my children love to touch.
They although like when big roots go out from floor.
Some are tortuous and so expressive !
Some have mysterious holes to welcome little creatures. We always have a look in, during our walks, hoping we'll meet a gnome ...

Femke de Bont

Hi Margaret, I have just found your blog, I'm amazed by all the wonderful things you make! Wow!
The answer to your question for me is color. Color has such a big influence on everything in life and nature, the colors of everyday life when I look out my window are for me the greatest inspiration!


The most?? That's a hard question!

But one of my favorites has to be trees. They're beautiful and strong. When you are among trees, the air is cleaner and they play lovely music in the wind. Some trees have flowers, fruit, or nuts. All trees have leaves or needles that you can collect and examine. I love trees!


Our bunny, May Day, who demands cuddles from me by chewing my papers until her demands are met.

I've never encountered another bun like her, and she's oh-so-patient with my boys! ~H


What takes my breath away, no matter what, is when I fly home, to Colorado Springs CO. I just feel this rush of emotion come over me as soon as I see the mountains. I am moved to tears. I love nature and all it's beauty, but home is where my heart is.


i love my shadow,...that is,shadow,the cat who owns us. i suppose that means she is not my shadow,but,that i am her person!


I love the soil, because it is so alive and so ready to grow new things..... it is a wonderful example of how something can just get on with it, not fuss, just work, just grow and not have to take all the glory:)


oooo hard choice..........there would be MOSS..how can one not adore moss? .......but then there are ELEPHANTS.........but you said LOVE and that is strong so I'm going to have to go with

shiny PUDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

valarie aka creativity

The ocean and the shells that come out of it. I don't live near the ocean it is about 1 1/2 hours away but I always feel like I have come home when I see it and feel the sand between my toes! Love all the nature on your blog : )


This is a very hard question to answer... I think right now I will say water though. Since I was very small water has been meditative and comforting to me. I could sit and watch a lake, the ocean, a river or stream for hours contentedly. I could swim all day every day. Water is life-giving, therapeutic, soothing, universally necessary by nearly every living thing. It's cleansing, strengthening, can transform through a multitude of states (each of which can also be therapeutic, revitalizing, cleansing)... oh, water. I could write volumes :)

Betsy in Pittsburgh

I'll keep it short & sweet (literally): GUMMI BEARS.


Hehehe! I love betsys love too!


I love rabbits. My rabbit was so sweet to me when she was in my life. She was a Christmas present boyfriend and I loved her dearly.


I love bodies of water. Ocean or lake, it matters not. I could stare at waves lapping up on the beach for hours!


My day is not complete until I have read your blog!I,too, stitch, crochet and nurture snails in my garden. The thing I love the most is the smell of an autumn morning for the first time each year. It really makes me tingle! xx

Crafty Gardener

Picking just one non-human thing is very hard. I love the crashing of the ocean waves, the discovery of a tiny wildflower and the textures and colour combination on all the different leaves.


I love earthworms! I love the effect they have on my garden, the richness they bring to the soil. I love walking on a wet sidewalk after a rain and seeing them all over. i love the way they feel in my hand as they creepy crawl all over the place, and mostly, I love that they can regenerate themselves!


I love to lay in my hammock and just listen to the song of birds.


My favorite non-human thing in nature is trees -- I love all the neat old trees!



I would have to say mist. The mist is a bit like twilight; it's an inbetween place, space, where magic happens, a space between worlds. In my country, we say that mist on a lake is fairies dancing. Also, the hulder, a beautiful but a bit dangerous mythological being/woman with long, beautiful hair, is said to be hiding in the mist. Walking into mist in the forest opens up the imagination and experiential possibilities.


I love my cats.I find it relaxing to watch them play in the patch of sunlight in the yard.

Lauralee Camilleri

Non-human thing would be my dogs. Sounds corny but they are really fun to live with and make me smile twenty times a day. We have four dogs - three Goldens and a Whippet and would love to have a couple more if we can manage it. Happy Valentines Day to you! Love your site - so inspiring!




I love the juxtaposition of smells that a garden can give you. I have been planting little circles of chamomile lawn, which are now blooming and lush. Around the circles I lay seaweed, gathered after a storm on the beach, to enrich the soil. Last night (it is Summer now in New Zealand), I was rolling about in the intensely fragrant chamomile and caught alternate whiffs of apples and the sea.

connie williams

I love our back field. It is spacious and green and i can dance with abandon and no one can see me. it refreshes my soul.


i love moss. the many different textures and colours of it. a forest carpet.


it's too hard to just pick one - but here it is - moss! It's a velvety goodness that you just want to drift into like a dream!

Amy L.

I don't think my post went through so I'm writing it again. It's definitely a hard question and difficult to pick one thing! I would have to say wind. The way it makes the trees dance and plants rustle. Imagine a warm, breezy day in the company of an ancient, enormous tree. Watching the tree sway in the breeze is like watching an elaborate dance--one that cannot be duplicated by man. It is peaceful and invigorating at the same time. It is majestic.


I love going to the ocean. I enjoy everything about the ocean, the life, the saltiness, and the breezes. I think i could live happily on la mer. :) Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

Kathy D

I love monkies becuase they can swing from tree to tree

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