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February 14, 2009


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Ice Cream

Is it to late? I love my husband's cologne.


i have a thing for mushrooms. there are just so many kinds of then in denmark--you can find some kind of mushroom in the forest year-round. only a few are edible, of course, but all of them are absolutely fascinating and many are beautiful.

Kim Cavender

There are so many things I love in the natural world but I would have to say that trees are right there at the top. They provide food, shelter, protection, and air for all living things on our planet and they ask very little in return. I imagine them as wise old souls who are watching and waiting patiently for us to make better decisions about what we leave behind in this world.

Karen Dillingham

I love the memory of Sunday dinners at my parent's kitchen table. It hasn't happened in a long time (we live in CA and they live in TX). I try to recreate it for my own children, but something about your mother's cooking....home.


I love the earth! All the rocks and mountains and tectonic motion and sand and lava and erosion... It inspires me and fills me with awe when I think of it.

Of course I also love the plants & critters!


I love the beautiful art objects my six-year old grandson has drawn, colored, glued, pompommed, feathered, glittered and taped all over our bedroom walls; all signed and addressed I love you gramma.


Hi! I just started reading your blog a few days ago after seeing a picture of your crochet-covered stones linked to your Flickr on Tumblr. Wow, that sounds more complicated than it actually is...

Anyway, the thing I love most in this world (besides a few very special people) is yellow umbrellas. Nothing can make me happier than the feeling of walking down the street on a cool, rainy day carrying a yellow umbrella and splashing in the puddles. For me they represent the enduring playfulness of childhood and a sincere optimism with which I try to infuse my every day. :)


trees -- because we burn them, chop them down and more yet they never five up...their roots are deep and they will push up new growth wherever they can, even through concrete...their tenacity inspires me when i feel discouraged...


Mist and moss both struck me as good ones, but I'll go with seeds that take flight. I like any seeds that move through the air: dandelion, cotton, and the occasional whirlygig pods that turn like helicopters.

Angel Funk

I love so many non human things, it is hard to choose just one! I think it would be a certain spot in the North Carolina mountains, it is the place I feel most at home and at ease in.


Good evening,
I am Rane's Husband. I love
the moments before the sun rise.
I think you can feel the energy
of the coming day in those few
seconds just before the rise.
Thank you.


Greenlight. The sunlight shining down through tree leaves. It has taken my breath away on every sunny-day forest walk since I was a teenager. (Maybe not 'away,' but hushed. It's hushed my breathing. As though it listens to me, and I'd rather it heard my thoughts than my lungs.)


At first I thought of a little spring of fresh water which bubbles up through the shingle on our Atlantic coast, just feet from the shoreline in calm weather and quite under the sea in a storm. But in thinking that the idea of the shingle itself led me to think of your stones and to change my mind; so instead I'll pick the circle of standing stones in the middle of our island, which are in a sense neither quite natural nor quite man-made. Some alchemy of stone and imagination brings them almost alive for me; they've stood almost unchanged through the lives and loves and losses of unimaginable generations who also weathered the storms of our small and frequently inhospitable island home. I can never quite make up my mind whether their presence seems entirely benign!

Selah in TX

It may be too late for this, but I was so inspired by the post and the responses that I had to chime in.

I love ferns. Tiny miracles of fractal design, rising out of bracken in quiet places in the woods, tightly spiralled and gradually unfurling to full glory... When you're walking in the woods and come across a brilliantly-sunlit patch of new ferns, there is nothing like it in the world.


Cherry trees, especially when they blosom. I love them, because there are one in every place I lovefrom Paris to San Francisco...And I can always dream it's springtime there too, and that it's springtime always in my memories.

Iposted some time ago about a very special one in Paris. Friends sent me pictures and drawings, and I now love the cherry trees twice, one for memories, two for friendsip.

Thanks for asking such a nice question, I loved reading the answers!


I know the giveaway is over but this is fun to respond to! I could pick nature because I LOVE the sound of wind rustling in the trees, the sensation of sand between my toes, and the way that colors look muted on a rainy day. But I think that my favorite non human thing would be the artwork that humans leave behind.

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