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February 28, 2009


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Difficult to say, as they're all very casually looking away.
I reckon it was a mouse, and the cats were trying to stop it making a mess ;-)


I don't know, Byron looks guilty to me...


It looks like Arwen is the your
guy....see Edgar's look of
"Arwen you aren't going to pen
this one on me!" and Byron looks
like he is just trying to stay out
of it all together. LOL! They all
have very strong personalities
don't they? I think that Arwen's
layed back look is also telling on
him. But I maybe wrong. Hehehehe!
So cute! Poor plant. At least you
caught them before they ate it.


I don't know... at first I would have said Arwen too, for similar reasons as Rane mentioned. But Edgar, he seems pretty mischievous and outspoken in general. I think I would guess Edgar. Was the plant-knocking witnessed by anyone but the 3 of them? Great shot Deborah! :) I hope the plant is okay. It looks to be in one piece.

Melissa R

Arwen is too busy trying to look completely casual and uninvolved. So it's got to be him!


My cats act like Byron when they have gotten into something they know they aren't supposed to. It is the "who me?! I don't know what you are talking about" look.


I vote for Edgar. I have to say he looks the most guilty:)


Oh i am sure it was Byron.He's like "i did nothing,i just came here!".
By the way,i think you live in heaven,not in Canada.You are so lucky to have a home there.If you are interested in adopting a 24 year old female from Greece,let me know :p

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