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March 30, 2009


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so Beautiful.
I particularly love this part -
"A stone’s growth is inverse,
Time’s trials reverse its mass,
To smaller and smaller forms,
In this backwards trend there are no norms"


Abby I love that part too!
This is very beautiful!
I am amazed at his ability
to pick up any subject and
write, and in such a point
that I would not have
thought of even to think
Happy birthday Benjamin
you are an amazing person,
but look who is your mom!
Talent creates talent.
Thank you Margie for a
lovely poem. I loved the
photos too as always!
Loads of birthday wishes!


beautiful poem combined with beautiful pictures. You seem to be a great team!
Happy Birthday Benjamin!


Happy Birthday talented Benjamin ! Your words are worth the best classic authors, and your mom's photographs are also "worth their weigh in gold". Both of your arts are so precious, thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us all.
Much love oxoxo

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

The poem and photographs are beautiful. What a talented boy.


happy birthday, benjamin! thank you for sharing the lovely poem and photos. i think that artistic talent runs in your family.
p.s. i love the photo of you, margie, with baby benjamin. beautiful!


Wow thank you for sharing that! My little 4-year old guy sounds a lot like your sweet boy. His grasp for language has always been amazing and now at 4 he is constantly creating poems he asks me to write down, which I do with joy.


Happy birthday to your bard. This poem and the accompanying photos really speak to me and what I've been observing lately. I love the part about time teaching the rocks to be sand--what a perfect observation and metaphor.


Happy birthday Benjamin !
It's a pity that I don't understand perfectly English to enjoy all the nuances of your poems. But I can listen to all the rythm, sounds and musicallity ...
Congratulations, Margie, for the beautiful pictures that illustrate the poem ... And thank you for sharing your marvellous photo with your son, moments of happiness ...


Quite eloquent, indeed! Happy Birthday, Benjamin and mama, too!


What a beautiful poem, and beautiful pictures to go with it!
It's my daughter's birthday today too! May we all have happy birthday fun! :D


What an amazing poem and I love the images you've chosen too. Isn't it special to see his gift at such a young age. Does he make his living with words now?


Lovely poem, lovely photos.


Happy Birthday, Benjamin! Thank you for your thought-provoking words.

Elsita :)

Dear Margie,
What a extraordinary son you have! Ben is such a deep human being. This poem is so moving and amazing. He is smart and sensitive just like you. I know how it feels having a super special son, boys with a beautiful soul are such a gift.
I want to send him a big hug and also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Lots of love!
Elsita :)

david w martin

What a wonderful poem to go with the equally wonderful photography!


Lovely piece! You could make a small booklet of the poem and the photos and we'd all definitely want one! :D


you & your son are beautiful !

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