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March 25, 2009


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Thank you deeply for this post! Not only was it inspiring to see antlers used in such imaginative ways, but you helped me put into words It can be a little disorientating being a laden down moose. Oh, Thedwick! I say yes to making room to follow new paths... you never know where they will lead!


not sure how my comment got chopped off in the middle... must be those antlers getting tangled up again!It should read: "you helped me put into words all that I'm feeling..."
sweet dreams...


Very heavy indeed. Not with the everyday juggling that is par for the course with families, but with things unanticipated. A potential move to a new county in the next couple of months, sigh...


margie, i'm sorry that your antlers are feeling heavy these days. definitely, having a break from selling your crochet-covered stones will be good for you. i've felt the same way- i used to make many pairs of baby shoes and felt rather weighed down by them (creatively.)
i love the antler-inspired fashion. i've never seen an antlered animal before. do they lose their antlers quite easily? i love the necklace especially.
wishing you a peaceful day. x

Karen Salva

Such an elegant post. You have to follow your creative path to keep you psyche pacified. This was one of the big fears I had about going to college for art...would I be as happy creating on demand vs my own inspiration. I see you are a physician...I do not think I knew that...I am a pharmacist when not making things. Wish we had some family physicians like you around here :)


We are ever changing
creatures I can't wait to
see what new creative art
comes from you!!!!
Poor Thidwick! I remember
reading this when I was
a child.... I am sorry
that you feel like him.
I hope that you do not
shed yourself of all of us!
We love you and if you want
you can roost in my
I love natural art and
accessories! I have been
loving this style since
I was young.
I am teaching my youngest
son Leo about how the
water and sand smoothes
stones...we have a hand
cranked stone tumbler that
he turns to polish his
stones. He has loads of
fun and is learning how
the ocean and even streams
polish stones over time.
I love to teach all of the
children about natural art.
My antlers are not as
heavy as they were at the
begining of the year...
spring always makes them
easier to bear. I am making
spring dresses for the
girls.. it is by no means
spring yet but it takes me
forever to get done so I
have to start early.
I guess creative release
helps the weight of ones
antlers. =0)
Loads of love to you and
your beautiful family!
Rane and kids


I love witnessing your joy and inspired (and informed) spirit as you make and explore so I really look forward to seeing all that comes next! It is spring after all, seedlings (of new ideas)are wanting to sprout!
and I love these antler pics.


It also presents a great opportunity--you can raise prices until the demand isn't so overwhelming, probably making the same amount and interacting with more "serious" fans of your work.


I hope that springtime will open up new creative horizons for you, Margie ... I (and I'm sure that all of us) just want that you feel fulfilled, light and happy ...


i have to say that my antlers are feeling pretty heavy.. but i can't wait to shed them in a few weeks :)


for some odd reason my comments keep disappearing.

So here is an update... I am shedding my antlers as we speak :) a process that is fun and enlivening. Thank you for the re-fresh and the continual inspiration.

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