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March 26, 2009


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Wonderful! I'm really digging this. Somehow I think you might really enjoy the work of nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, from Scotland. OH! I just noticed your quote from him at the bottom of the page, LOL! Ok, so isn't he just wonderful!? I am obsessed with him--have you seen the film Rivers and Tides?

Lisa T

Thanks for the update - so beautifully written! I'm so looking forward to following this project as you document it.

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Beautiful photographs.


I love the lushness of
your coming spring...
all of the textures are
wonderful! My favorite
is the little bud above
the covered stone. It is
doing what nature intended.
Moving when something is
there! I can't wait to
see this scean in about 2
or 3 months!
Thank you Margie!!!


I love how the curved edge of the lace mimics the curvy mushroom on the tree - beautiful!


I had wondered how your beautiful lichen lace was suspended from the tree! It reminds me of a white polypore I saw growing from a birch this past weekend--it seemed to be drawing its color from and mimicking its host. I have some nice images to fall asleep to now!

Zann Carter

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures and work. You might also enjoy the work of Diana Lynn Thompson:

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