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March 23, 2009


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...and also, people like you.
Well I had not quite started crying until I read about your little tree boy. Thank you for all that you share Margie and for bringing together so many beautiful people.


Margie so much inspiration and beauty in one post! I love following these diaries and reading about the meaning behind your little parcels. Also, I'd never read about tree boy and yes there were tears. Have a lovely week :)


Oooh Margie, what wonderful parcels full of love you received once again. They were very special each in their own way. And yes, there were tears over here too.
Thanks so much for sharing all this with us, dear. Have a great week ahead !

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

So many wonderful gifts at once? What a blessing. Hope your Monday is wonderful.

p.s. If you have any suggestions for the Spring Swap, I'd love to hear them!

Mathyld / encore petite

Oh, Margie ...
How sweet that little Leah can be ... ?
So very moving and touching ...
A hankie is needed this side of the seas, too ...
x x x


I hope that you enjoy everything
and Leah is so happy to see
your pine baby boy is no longer
sleeping while standing up, he
looks oh so happy. She sends her
love to you all. Leo is beside
himself that you love his gifted
stones and such. I would have
posted sooner but my computer
died and I had to format it!!
So I lost everything because the
computer refused my back up disk!!
Grrrr... oh well. Anyway I hope
you all have a lovely week!
Rane and kids.


that is all soooo sooo lovely, it makes me smile. i heard someone else actually say a similar thing today. it was a convict that came in to speak for my class who is doing time for robbery and drug offences and such, and he said that over the years as he has been rehabilitated he has gotten rather depressed about the state of the world because he sees so many young kids getting into trouble and such, but at the end he said that coming to talk to us, getting to see the river (the last time he had even stepped out of the jail was five years ago) and all our "bright young faces" made him certain that everything is going to be alright :) he was actually very heartwarming and left me feeling quite optimistic.

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