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March 02, 2009


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Beautiful! They look so festive and springlike!! Thanks for the wonderful idea.


This is a very creative re-use & second life for all your gorgeous vintage hankies ! It looks so great with the sun, so cozy & inviting ! Fabulous idea, thanks for sharing, Margie. Happy March to you too !


that is such a good idea- and so spring-y! warm days to you and your family, margie. x


What a lovely idea! And all the
floral designs are a great change
for spring. I love the blue one
in the middle! I also love that
your window plants are blooming!
Happy March to you and yours!
Hugs from us all!
Rane and little kiddos!


The vintage handkerchief bunting is a delicate invitation to spring to tiptoe in. Lovely!

And I'm off to Flickr to see if I can get a closer look at your teacup plants--another beautiful idea.


Great idea! The bunting certainly beckons spring!

Miette Love

Oh wow those look beautiful in the natural lighting. Now I want some vintage hankies!


Looks great! I love vintage hankies, I wish everyone would use hankies instead of tissues. They are much more stylish! Haha.


that is beautiful, very simple and pretty and you don't even have to cut/sew them up!

this is so funny b/c i'm also in the process of trying to figure out some projects for the hankies i've collected. (maybe b/c they remind us of spring?) but mine would require some cutting and sewing so i need to be doubly sure of what i'm doing.

happy march!


oh now this is easy enough for me to actually attempt doing! beautiful pictures


What a wonderful collection of vintage hankies. And how fabulous they look, hanging up with the light shining through them. :-)


Happy March! This has to be one of the happiest buntings out there! I love how simple it was... wish I had such a lovely collection. Great repurposing, Margie!


What a wonderful way to welcome spring -- and repurpose vintage hankies! Your window always looks so happy and inviting. If I were your next door neighbor, I would catch myself peering at your window all day :)

One Gal's Trash

Brilliant! I am always drawn to floral, springy hankies...but alas, they spend their lives in a drawer, in the dark. Your nature shots are gorgeous. Stop by my blog sometime. Thanks!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash


I had to come out of lurk-dom for the hankies! I love vintage hankies, and have made curtains out of them on several occasions, but the sun always bleaches and damages them...I love the idea of a temporary bunting...so springy and festive!

Mathyld / encore petite

I love love loved this idea of yours !
And Marmee Craft just came up with the cutest complementary idea : a "Hankies Curtain" so sweet !
Lookie : http://marmeecraft.blogspot.com/2009/05/skirtling-spring.html

x x x

jordan 3

The sands in your way beg for your song and your movement, dancing water. will you carry the burden of their lameness? Do you understand?

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