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April 20, 2009


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Sounds like a magical day! Your forgotten treasure looks like it was meant to stay with you.


the art/craft show sounds like such fun. wish i could have seen your work in person there!

Mathyld / encore petite

Wow ! This Art Show looks incredible !

And Margie, I looove this thimble crocheted necklace with flowers !

Oh and that's funny : I wanted to make a banner for *encore petite* (IF, ONE DAY, I do a show !) and hesitated between getting a customized crocheted one just like "Nesting Emily"'s or embroidering one myself, like "Fieldguided"'s one !!!

And I thought that this acrobatic little snail was an empty shell, too ! How do they manage to do that kind of stuff ? :D

x x x


it was great seeing you Margie - I am looking forward to your upcoming exhibition. Your new work looked great.


I love your flower snail, and I love, love, love your stones with the single Liberty fabric circles. What a nice evolution!

I thought of you this morning on my hike. I encountered a huge patch of skunk cabbage growing along a creek, and they are much more recognizable now that their leaves have unfurled. There were a couple of Jack in the Pulpits growing right alongside, and they would have been almost indistinguishable from the skunk cabbage if Jack hadn't been quite, um, visible. I was really wishing you could have been there, but you definitely were in spirit. At the end of the trail was the most delicate pink rhododendron in full bloom, and it was called Spirit.


This acrobatic little snail maybe wants to impress Fern !
Congratulations for your hunt and gather show, Margie, it looked so great ! Your thimble/covered stone is very poetic and your new stones crocheted with fabrics in the middle really beautiful !

Laura A.

Oh, Margie,
I'm sorry I didn't go to the show and meet you. (I bought one of you merfishes last time but was too shy to say hello.) But I would have been even sorrier to have gone and then discovered I missed the chance to buy that lovely crocheted vase.
And by the way, happy belated birthday. We're almost birthday buddies as mine was Friday.

Quince and Quire

The show looks like it had a wonderful array of beautiful things. Your crochet necklaces are intriguing.

Your little snail's spiral reminds me of the golden mean. I've been thinking about how proportion is often the key to beauty.


I'm too jealous of such a fantastic place to meet and buy beautiful treasure. I love your thimble necklaces!

The snail is amazing. Was it asleep on the shoot as the shoot grew out of the ground?

barb jensen

I have been following your blog and flickr stream for ages. I love your writing, thoughts, art and wonderful photography skills.
That said, I posted a little bit about you on my blog today as someone who embodies what the blog is about "art for daily life". I hope you don't mind, I also swiped a picture from you site to illustrate the point (links back to you, of course.


i LOVE the pseudo-snailflower! it's amazing!


what a great show!! It was such a treat to meet you and I loved our trade. If you ever want to again I am game.
And that was Arounna with a sweet baby! I was too busy admiring the baby to say hi. She is amazing!! I love her work so much. I haven't been to the new shop yet but have a great show there!!! xoxo em

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