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April 21, 2009


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ah Margie, many congrats and best wishes to you for these events. I hope you enjoy your days away from the blogging, always good to take a break now and then:) your photography is a treat - my sister would like a print by you (having seen the one I have now framed and on my wall) so I am hoping I might get lucky win your generous prize:)

Mathyld / encore petite

Yay Margie !!!
Once again I feel sooo far way ...
I'm pretty sure comment number two will never win but I had to comment on this right away !

I am in love with this Stones Family ;)

But, more than all,
I am so happy for you !
x x x


i would be thrilled to receive a crochet covered stone & a couple of prints !!! so lovely !

have a great extended weekend !

take care !


Oh congratulations on the shows! That's really good :) All your stones and art are gorgeous, I'm sure they will feel very at home in a gallery.

Amy L.

Oh, that is so wonderful about the shows! It is no surprise Martha Lewis asked you to participate, as your work is nothing short of impressive in every way. I don't think you know how much of an inspiration you are to people all over the world! I know you've helped me get back to nature and to really see all the simply beautiful things about it. Thanks so much!


Your stones are so wonderful! I have to tell you a wee story.

We went camping in the mountains over Easter and I brought home a large rock - smooth and cool and pale, like an enormous egg. It was from the mountain where my husband and I first met, 22 years ago, so it was a sentimental gesture when I picked it up and lugged it back to our campsite. I told my boys it would make a beautiful doorstop and one of them said "You can knit a cover for it!" The rest of the family chuckled until I said 'Ah but I know of a woman who crochets covers for rocks!'. They looked at me in disbelief and made me promise to show them your blog when we returned to civilisation. They were very cynical until I showed them your amazing artworks and then they proclaimed covered rocks 'awesome!'

Hee hee.


I need to find out about this PS122 show! I've designed shows in their space (theatre-wise). :D

I will do research.


And of course, I would love to be entered into the running for a stone and some prints. They're all so lovely there are no words for them!


Mary jo

Hi Margie-congrats on the show. I will miss reading your blog in the morning for the next few days. I love your domesticated stones. I share a fascination with stones. recently my neighbor Marge laughed to see me picking up my treasures (from the dirt around the newly dug septic tanks) which I placed on my porch.I sometimes imagine how these stones may have traveled a long way(seeing as i am in WI and a glacier may have carried these from Canada) and have many stories to tell. Good luck with the show


I'm so happy for you, Margie, your presence at these shows will take them for sure an additional wave of poetry and love for the nature...that is exactly what I feel when I gaze at my two delightful merfish!

Many congratulations again for this great result, and thanks for the generous chance you're giving us with this giveaway! :o***



I am oh so happy for you
and had to wish you good
luck too! I hope you have
fun in NYC!! We all can't
wait for your return and
surely a great story to
read too! Take care and
enjoy your blog break!
We are all oh so very
proud of you and all the
growth you have made,
I secretely am growing
through you.... learning
oh so very much. Thank
you gentle teacher.
Loads of love to you and
your beautiful family.


I am nowhere near Toronto, so sadly cannot attend. BUT I would love to win a stone. My favorites are the patchwork stones (hint, hint)!
Good Luck and best wishes.


Congratulations, Margie! How exciting for you. As a fellow crocheter and rock collector, I am continually amazed at how you blend the two passions. I wish you success and joy.

~ Chickadee ~


What beauties! I would LOVE to win one of your stones. Hope your shows go well.


When a show comes looking for you, you know you're doing something right! Congrats! I envy your vision and focus - it seems like you know exactly what you want your art to be and I love watching your creativity evolve with these stones. Perhaps if I had one of my own I could focus a bit better too...:)
Cheers, Flora


Your work is just so super beautiful. Congratulations on the shows. Hope they both go well. jennifer


Congratulations! 2 shows in 2 wonderful cities!

Your work is beautiful and captured perfectly in your photos.

Here's to Monday! *clink*

Julie Alvarez

You will have a busy month! Congratulations... So exciting.
And thank you for sharing this giveaway!

Laura A.

Congratulations on your two shows! Enjoy the spring weather. I look forward to seeing many more photos.


I would simply love to win something you made, your stones are simply beautiful and your pictures so special!!

Karen Salva

Congratulations on your two shows! You are soooooo show-worthy! Can't wait to see all the pictures...I love to look at your pictures.

I would also love to win one of your stones too!


Unfortunately, I live over here in the southwestern US. Otherwise I would love to see one of your shows. Sad times. But to make up for it I could win and then have my own show right here in NM! Yay!

linda p

these rocks are stunning, as always-- and i love the close up shots. i already have one of your prints right by my desk...but i could always use more. :)


good luck with the shows, and congratulations!

Beth Grim

It's always a treat to see your photos of your work. Seeing the clusters of your crocheted covered stones, I can almost hear the bubbly surf swooshing back and forth, revealing, then hiding these lacy treasures...


Hope you have a great time at the shows. I love seeing all the creative things you do.


your stones are beautiful and it is so generous for you to offer them up, since they disappear so quickly in your etsy shop. it's no wonder! congrats on the show. can't wait to see what work you have in store for us.

Melissa R

You must be so proud. Enjoy your week off :)

Diana G

I'm so excited - I work in NYC and cannot wait to see the show!

I'm in awe of your stones - they are little masterpieces! Your photos are precious.

Your creativity is inspiring

Chistina J.

Congrats and best wishes!


so exciting and wonderful for you!!! and the stones you've been working on are amazing, as usual. it's always so great to see a big group of them. :-)

i had seen the news of the show on bookhou blog, but not the other one. i wish i was going to be on your continent! :-)

a big, big congratulations on these two shows and enjoy your no doubt busy time away.



good luck on the two shows! i'm sure everyone will enjoy your lovely creations as much as i do! =)


wish I could see both of the shows - but rural georgia usa is way too far to get there - i love the patwork stones so much and I have used your tutorials to cover some cedar blocks that I gave for a wedding gift - these are a beautiful way for moth protection to be hung.

have a wonderful week.


I'm very excited to have you in the show. Have a nice break and see you soon!!! :)

Emily Barletta

hey, thanks for the kind words. i am in fact a huge fan of your blog and work and have been quietly reading for some time now. and i am super excited to be in the show with you.


Congratulations on the two shows! Enjoy your moment; you're doing so much to inspire other crafters!


Congratulations! This recognition is much deserved. Enjoy every minute.


Ohh to have and hold one of those stones...ohhh. Thanks


Congratulations on the shows! It was great to finally meet you at the trunk show.

sarah s.

congratulations on the shows! your work is amazing!


Mega-congrats on your two shows!! Very exciting!


reading this blog entry has made my day! I am so excited that you are having a show in NYC! I am so going!


How exciting, you are having SHOWS! I wish I lived even remotely close to one of your shows, I'd love to see your work in person someday :)


Congratulation for the two exhibitions. I am a silent long-time reader of your weblog wishing to get one of your stone art works one day. So please count me in the drawing.

Good luck for the exhibitions!


The stones are beautiful as usual. I adore the few coloured ones among the more neutral. Great stones and great photo's.

Good luck with the shows. I wish I would be able to skip over the ocean (like you would skip a beach pebble over the water) and come see your work in person, but alas I'm not a beach pebble....



I wish I was near enough to visit these lovely shows. Hope you enjoy them immensely. I'm sure you'll gain even more fans through being in both of them:)


you are so generous, margie. thank you for the giveaway opportunity!
all the best with your work for the shows. wish i could go and see them in person.


Congrats on the shows! I hope that you're having a good day :)


Dear Margie,
I have been a lurker for many many months and now is the (hopefully lucky) time to come out! Two reasons: your generous give-away AND I live in NYC and plan to get to your NYC show Friday. How lucky for me!
I found you by googling "crochet and stones". I love stones and come home from wherever I go with pockets and niches in my luggage filled. I try to remember which stones come from which places but I am getting all mixed up after so many many years. I've had this idea for some time now to crochet the stones into a piece that I would continuously over-time create & modify that would hang down from the top floor thru the central stairwell of my house (tall & skinny: NYC brownstone). In this way I could "map" my stone collection. What do you think?
Good luck with your shows. Enjoy NYC! You must try to get time to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, or at least see NYC from the "other side" (Brooklyn side) of the bridge, where Walt Whitman once stood. Have fun and thanks for enriching and inspiring me with your blog and your awesome work.


Congratulations on your upcoming shows!


your crocheted stones and prints are fantastic. i hope your shows go well. i am sure they will!

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