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April 21, 2009


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Congratulations on your shows! Have a wonderful week! Cheers.


Your continual generousity of your work has inspired me over the months since I discovered your work. I am a collector by nature, married to an extreme minimalist and over the past year as we have moved several times I have had to give up my collection of stones (primarly from Lake Winnipeg). Thankfully most of them made it into a few of my give away projects and I get to see them from time to time...but now that we've settled down again I am on a mission to start collecting precious bits again. I have some found art of yarn and twig that is begging for some stone company.
Best wishes on your shows!
(I will be in the Toronto area early August if you have anything showing then, I would love to try and make it)


Yay, and congratulations. Two shows !!!! I wish I could make it to at least oneof them , but alas, I'm too far away. I hopeyou'll be taking photos to share on your blog ? ! Best of luck. Cyth

Allison L.

Congratulations on your shows!

I've been reading your blog for about a month now, and it really brings a sense of calm and beauty to my mornings. I am so grateful to you for sharing your words and pictures.

I've only been crocheting for a few months, but your wonderful stones have been a great source of inspiration. I would love to have one to hold!


how exciting to be going on tour with your Stones! i wonder how this experience will influence your work - i am totally excited to see what comes out of this new adventure. have fun!


I am so inspired by your beautiful work. We must be kindred spirits from our mutual appreciation of nature. You photograph and post the same sorts of things I see on my daily walks with my dogs. While I do not know how to crochet, your lovely stones urge me to learn! Thank you for posting beautiful pictures of them!


oooh, maybe i can see the new york show. will you be there? we'll miss you in blogland but enjoy your time off!


Those stones are so amazing - I love the contrast of materials. Brilliant!
Best wishes for your shows - you are sure to be a rocking success!


Your work is so beautiful. Good luck with the shows. :)


Those stones are so pretty!

The images in this and a few other posts remind me of a movie called Drawing Restraint, by Matthew Bradley. It is a weird, weird, weird film that I got tricked into seeing but that I think of often now for its visual qualities. For that same reason I've added this blog to my reader! (although I do not put it in the same category of weird weird weird)


that margareth atwood sounds like a like minded woman :)
congrats on your shows!


oh@ yay for the show(s)! i am quite addicted to your stone diaries and have found other womenfolk out there in my real world who have bonded through those threads. beautiful and inspiring...even in my sleep. have a dreamy, dreamy weekend and may it be full of busy and beauty! thank you for sharing!

sandra w


Sarah Wick

Congratulations! Your work is so lovely. I've been following your blog for about 9 or 10 months now and feel like I've been able to watch so much unfold for you. Thanks for letting us (me) behold and be inspired!

Patty :-)

Enjoy your shows . . . great opportunity for you. Your work is inspiring.

Cynthia Toy

Your lovely crochet covered stones and gorgeous photography always make my day when I visit your blog. Thanks!


Pheww!!! It has been a long journey just to try and work out how to comment..I am not so computer skilled..I also use my daughter to help! I love this blog and find it so very inspirational especially as an Aussie living in Israel. Congradulation on your exhibitions and good luck!! Your words,work and photo's bring a lot of joy to so many people...\thanks stacey


Good for you, Margie! I hope the shows go well for you and that you soak up all you can from the experience.

Quince & Quire

How exciting to have your work up in new venues. Congratulations!


These photos are ones I could gaze at forever. Have a great show.

.girl ferment.

congratulations on both your shows

marylea @ Pink and Green Mama

Congrats on the shows! Your work is inspiring and I love LOVE love your rocks. I really like the new painted crocheted rock (the last photo) LOVELY!!!


Congratulations on the shows, what amazing opportunities!


Your work is so wonderful! Only wish I lived in your area to take in the shows in person! I have always been delighted by nature and all of the things in it to be discovered, but seeing it through your eyes has made it even more incredible.

martha brown

Congratulations re: your NYC show! How exciting! I saw you at the workroom last weekend, but wasn't able to say more than hello because it was so busy! I look forward to the Toronto show too :)


Amazing - - congratulations! I think we may actually be able to make it to the NYC show. :) Don't you love it when opportunity comes looking for you.


Yay! Good for you, you deserve it! The shows both sound excellent, I wish I could visit either one! :D
Happy Spring!


My pixs and stones just came in the mail. I do luv them so. I can't wait to get my stones some friends! I was just in nyc, too bad I won't be there for you show.


Shelly J Davis

You combine 2 things that I love - stones and crochet! I love all the pics. Thanks.


Hi Margie
I'm missing you so much. I hope you're doing fine & keeping your mind and hands busy, which I don't doubt a second.
Much love your way. xoxo


See it with your own eyes, it’s amazing.

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