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April 28, 2009


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This tin found the perfect new owner! And you found your trims!!! How perfect. I love that diamond one so much. Sounds like a wonderful trip.


I love these kinds of surprises! Little boxes like these have usually been owned by someone who has lived through the war and experienced severe rationing. Everything is kept and so much is handmade. I do the same as you, hold and study every item inside. These laces and trims are amazing. Imagine the hands that made them, such talent. Hope you had a lovely trip, Austria is so, so beautiful.

Mathyld / encore petite

OH MY GOODNESS, Margie !!!
What a lucky lucky find !
Vintage lace trims AND tea spoons ... TINY teaspoons ?
Why but this is a box down from heaven !

Note to self : find a very quick and cheap way to go to Austria. NOW !

x x x


oh, wow. i adore those beautiful treasures! lucky you, margie.
i had no idea you were in austria! yes- your life IS very interesting. :)


This morning I signed on to check out all my favorite blogs...and on yours I see ....I can't believe it...I have the SAME tin box. It was my grandmother's. I think her brother gave it to her after a trip from England...(my dad doesn't remember where she got it exactly)...WOW this was a great morning eye opener...


I think you finding this treasure of a tin is the definition of kismet. I can just imagine the woman who lovingly stored these items in the tin in the hopes that you would find them and give them the respect they deserve.


i love markets in europe! i used to live there, so i miss them. i find that prices are actually more reasonable there for the flees than they are here! i am going to kane county flee market this weekend and i am so excited!


So, this is what you've been up to!
I can only imagine your excitement, both the first time, and everytime since that you've seen that box and each of its contents.

andrea gutierrez

what a truly amazing find! such treasures from half way around the world :)
p.s. thanks for coming and 'visiting' my blog. your comment was wonderful :)


Crazy! What a wonderful find! I'm hoping to talk my sister into going to a rummage sale for me on Friday (she's in another state)...hopefully she'll find some treasures for a buck or two! :)


Sigh. Lovely.


I am living in Sweden atthe moment and we have a 'loppis' market in my town each Saturday and I always get the best little treasures. I look forward to it each week. I wonder what I will get this week? I also love finding trims, ribbons and lace. You box is such a wonderful treasure and so very cheap!

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