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April 17, 2009


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Your photos are always so gorgeous. Spring has come already down here in the deep south, but it happens so quickly we don't really get to enjoy the little things.

BTW, what kind of plant is that in the 9th photo? It's so amazingly luscious and soft looking.

Margaret Oomen

Hi Emily, It is a type of moss although I am not certain of the exact species. Perhaps a sphagnum or feather moss and it was just as soft and luxurious to the touch as it appears in the photograph.


I can hear it!!


The sweet song of spring
has crowed here too.
I see all the little
flora yawning and
stretching to greet the
sun, to the awakening
of spring....and in their
own little way...wishing
the sun good morning from
a very long winter's sleep.


I guess that all the creatures of the wood are preparing a secret party ...


Margaret, I'm so ashamed of myself! I've been following your blog for a year (at least), and I've SO enjoyed every visit here. Like in the qoute above, I think you have treasures to offer and I always pause, take a few deep breaths and smile whenever I'm here. So, I need to say Thank you Margaret, for all the inspiration, fun and joy I've had visiting you here :)


I really enjoy your second to last picture. Before I had even gotten to the end quote my thought was "Well those little guys looking like they're yelling about something." I guess their saying it's spring. Thank you for the thought provoking blog.


as always, lovely and truly inspiring...

Emily Helmus

The little curly red leaves in the second picture will be trout lilies when they grow up!!! They have really neat leaves. I have some of the exact same moss with trout lilies in my room right now. Aren't the little tall things neat! I also saw some jack in the pulpits amongst your pictures. Such neat spring wildflowers!


Love your moss shots!!!!

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