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April 05, 2009


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Kris J

Hey - I know those falls! It's Taughannock falls... You were near my neck of the woods!

You were in the right area for some beautiful photography.

Karen Salva

Oh, I love stories like this! I recognize the Falls! Grew up near by and have been home 3 times since I have met Maya online and our timing has not worked out yet. There is such a remarkable creative energy in the area and the 3 of you probably increased it 10-fold! I long for my own day to meet, to hang out with and share with another artful soul I have met online. Lucky, lucky lucky the 3 of you!


aw Margie, thanks so much for sharing all these gorgeous photos from your most wonderful weekend ! I'm so happy for you that you had such an extraordinary time meeting Maya & Patricia. I wish I'd been there, needless to say ! ;-)
I hope you'll have a great week this week too ! Take care.


What are you doing in my neck of the woods? Adam and I went to school in Ithaca. We frequently talk about moving back there, and we visit at least once a year.

I just had a mini heart attack when I saw that gimme coffee cup.

Small world!!

Hope you liked it there as much as we do.



I am oh so jealous!
I am amazed by your photos
they are beautiful!
Wish I had been a fly on
the wall!
Glad you had such fun!


the images seem to capture a wonderful visit and experience. loved each image. glad you had a great time!


It was hard for me to write my own post... and now it's challenging to even leave a little comment. Our weekend was larger than words and deeper than I'll ever be able to express. THANK YOU! Thank you Margie for sharing yourself... how lucky I am! How lucky we all are that you're here! Your visit was more than I could have ever asked for, and I miss you so much already... so does my family! A certain little someone had to hold a certain little stone (ever so gently) all morning because "it's from Margie"... said in a tiny wistful voice.


I've tried to think of how best to respond to this post all day, and words just cannot express what a joy this weekend was for me. To see you take these exquisite photographs, so quiet in their composition, was such a gift for me. It was such a privilege to meet you and show you all the things that I love and have come to appreciate more deeply because of you and your blog. We have to make plans for future visits!

Quince and Quire

You had quite a weekend of weather in CNY! So glad a little sun came out for you. Your photographs are beautiful and they remind me to take more time on the wonders in my own back yard. And how lovely to let friendship blossom in the rain.


Such an exciting week-end for all of you, Margie, Maya and Patricia !!! A wonderful friendship that has grown up during a whole year of daily bloging and sharing ... I'm happy for you !


I just found you through Maya and I have to say I am inspired by you three to develop some of my own online friendships into future "real" visits. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures and emotions.

I'll be back to visit soon,



What a wonderful and special weekend Margie :) Thank you for sharing it with us. I almost feel I was there too.


oh this is so wonderful! lucky you three! what a lovely group of women!

Vivienne Strauss

What a great story!!

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