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May 07, 2009


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barb jensen

What a wonderful collection! I love the last one too.


These are fascinating... love them. I'm so excited that you tried photoshop and I love what you created!


That's fab! I love the little arrows at the top looking like trees and the tiny hands too. Lovely job arranging them, what a good student:)


Superbes objets, magnifiques mise en image !


Happy Birthday Elsita... you are
oh so very missed! Hugs from
all of us! And to your very
beautiful family!

Don't the fibulae look alot like
a fancy safty pin????
They are very lovely and I can't
wait to see what wearable art
you make of them.
Your daughter seams to be a
great teacher, and your collage

Hugs to you all,


wow! these are beautiful. and thanks for introducing me to Elsita's jewelry...love her metal necklaces!


This collection is absolutely amazing indeed, it's very interesting to know (and see) how things were before modern ages. The photoshoped photo would be such a great idea indeed. Can't wait to see what you'll make out of it. Thanks for sharing this with us, and a part of your wisdom too. xoxo

Mo Crow Girl

Thank you for sharing your deep insights & the delightfully delicate yet strong womanly power of your covered stones. You have a true jeweller's sensibility with the way you honour your materials. Heres a link to the Dutch jeweller, Lotte de Mey's magical & inspiring jewelry-
I just saw her work for the first time in an internatonal jewellery show called "Paper Text" at Studio20/17 which is on here in Sydney
Love this 21st C world!

Mo Crow Girl

Oops! mea culpa, Lotte de Mey is from Belgium, sorry!


I would love to see your collage of fibulae (yay, my new word of the day!) on a t-shirt--an ironic touch, don't you think?

Q and Q

The forms on these are fabulous. Metal, made sinuous.

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It was very lucky for him the very skilled and creative metal artists of the bronze age hadn't quite figured out how to get to the patent office yet.

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You did a great job! I see incredible Louise McClure's Charm Bracelet on the picture and you got me want to buy it. I have some more bracelets in my home jewelry collection, bit it's first time I see such big variety of components. It looks really nice. I will search in the web some more jewels from this type. Thank you.

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