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May 14, 2009


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Mathyld / encore petite

Yay ! I won ! I knew it was Tamara's latte !!! She's the best :)

And how I love your son's poems ...

Now, how cute is that picture of Edgar in the sun ? Seriously ?! Looks like he's in heaven ...

Oh ! And I'm in love with the picture of the blackberries on the turquoise plate !

What a talented team you are, Oomen Family !
x x x


Delightful! Benjamin is so talented! Just like his mom ;) and those beautiful lattes by Tamara: heavenly.
Wonderful post Margie.


This is an incredible collaboration. Benjamin's poetry continually amazes me.


Benjamin Tamara.... you and
of course Cathy! Amazing...
I sing mathyld's praises too!
Margie your photo's are amazing.
I hope some of your talents
rub off to me visually...

Edgar... you are the sunbathing
king... the sun has never had a
greater worshipper... I think
most of your photos from your
momma are of you and the sun.
(do cats need spf? hum...)

love to you all,
Rane and sleeping family


Beautiful poem illustrated perfectly by your photos.
Looking forward to seeing your collaboration with Cathy, it will be amazing I'm sure ;0


i love the variety of photos in this one, and well done ben :)


Your photos & Benjamin's poetry would make the most wonderful books, Margie. And Tamara's latte making skills just kill me. She has to teach me that !
Can't wait to see your collaboration with Cathy, I can see from here that it will be magical.
Have a fabulous weekend, my dear. xoxo


Thank you for this poetic Breakfast and congrats to all of you, Margie, Benjamin, Tamara, Cathy, Edgar ...
I'm very curious too to discover what you and Cathy are preparing ...

Quince & Quire

I enjoyed the poem and photos together!



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