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May 22, 2009


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Oh my! What an unbelievable package full of Elsita goodness. I hope Elsita and Natalie will be able to reschedule their visit but in the interim you can surround yourself with these visual reminders of their sweetness. What lovely friends indeed.


Hi, I found your blog by googling fabric mushrooms...I believe the post was from July of 08 and they are too cute!!! Thank you for sharing the directions and I can't wait to go read more posts!!

.girl ferment.

what an unbelievably fantastic parcel


Dear sweet Margie~

I am sorry to hear you have been
sad or low. I am believe that
if you are wholesome...good
person then those around you
will lift you up... Elsita
is to you what you are to me.
I am glad that you got such a
lovely package... now you can
imagine just how I felt when
I was feeling a bit low...and
overwhelmed. Your package lifted
me up... so I could carrie myself
on. Elsita...thank you for being
you...I hope that all you troubles
clear soon so your busy life can
get back to normal. Margie...I
hope you can feel strong soon,
so many look to you for their
strength...a heavy burden to bare
sometimes I am sure...I know,
allot of little ones look to me
to be strong. We see you and your
blog and are inspired and moved
by your lovely family also.
Thank you from the bottom of my
heart for all you have done....and
will do in the future...you are
truely a wonderful being with a
beautiful soul. I am honored to
have met you and all the other
ladies that have graced your
lovely blog.
I have a lot of parcels to send
they are a long time coming....
thank yous owed....but sometimes
thankfulness is like wine...brewed
Love to all who knows you...
to you and those you love.
Rane and family.


i LOVE the dolls! yay!

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