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May 28, 2009


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Melissa de la Fuente

Margie...you are such a dear heart. I love little fern and her adventures! And, she is so stylish! Who knew?
( I bet you did)
Melis :)


oh my gosh, Margie, you bring me a daily dose of magic, did you know ?! Your creativity & imagination have no boundaries, and I love that !
Sorry I couldn't stop by yesterday, I wanted to thank you for your kind message at my blog. Bronchitis, that's what he most probably has, he's under treatment now, and will have X-rays done this morning. THANK YOU so much for your kind support & get-well wishes, they were OH so much appreciated. Specially coming from a doctor. Thanks xoxoxox


oh,i love these photos. especially little fern, with her friend bumblebee! thank you for bring some insect love to my afternoon. :)


Leah wants to print this out also
and take it to her reading teacher. I hope you do not mind.
She loves this little story as
well. I just read it to her and
she was right at the computer
screan staring....read it again
momma!! I have read todays post
8 times now for the kids!!!!
Thank you margie! You are inspiring my children in ways
you can not imagine! Thank you.



snails! yay!

Karen Salva

This is a hoot and a half...when is that book coming out????

I hope the snails can keep up with the "Elvis shimmy/shake" of the Bumble Bee's buzz vibrations. Hmmmmmmmm, on the other hand I bet the snails could show us a thing or two about remaining poised and polished while dancing!


Delicate beauty!


This could be the slowest maypole dance ever... but probably the most elegant.


Wait a minute! These snails belong on Project Runway!
You sure have a smart bunch!


This is hilarious! And beautiful too! I always enjoy your whimsical, nature-inspired endeavors Margie. I especially like that first purple headdress with the yellow antenna-like accents. I would love to make some shoes for these little snails... I will have to just get out my miniature sewing machine, or maybe my mini size hand sewing needles, using spider web threads.


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