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May 11, 2009


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Another wonderful chapter! I love your stone mysteries... that sack of stones was both beautiful and impressive!


Your stone mystery offering reminds me of the scene in one of the Monty Python movies (Holy Grail?) about African vs. European swallows.

I can't wait to see the results of your collaborations with Cathy and Maria!

I LOVE Mathyld's softies!!


It's always a pleasure to read your stone diaries, Margie, what a joy to receive stones from all over the world ! Maria's textile art is amazing, and Cathy's embroidered words are just as gorgeous ! And not to foget Mathyld's owlettes who have such personality ! :)
I missed the stones this time but hope to get another one as soon as I'll have moved.
And. Wow. What a huge bag of stones you received !!!


i love how the stone diaries are evolving into the stone mysteries. and that benchful of stones is fantastic!


thank you kindly Margie, for featuring the words etc... it is nice to see them photographed and 'here' or 'there' and 'where to next?' is exciting too:)


I love a good mystery. The stones on your bench look so beautiful with the weathered wood. Are they basalt? The two far away packages are gorgeous as ever, looking forward to seeing the results of your collaborations. Thank you for you sweet words today, I'm so pleased to have found your blog too, visiting it is like daily meditation.


Margie ~

You are so loved! I am glad that
you are enjoying yourself so
much, Cathy and Kjoo are so very
talented I hope a little of their
talent rubs off sometime soon
to me!
As for the stone and feather....
maybe Messager Pigeon? Hehe!
They may charge less for postage!
Your new post of stone goodies
was very fun and Edgar's new
stone bed is lovely,enjoy it
Edgar! Hehee!
Love to you and all that live
under your roof.



Ooohh, that box from Kjoo - I must admit I'm just a bit envious. She is so very talented (like you)- can't wait to see the fusion!

andrea gutierrez

two things.

one, mathyld is truly one of the sweetest people i know. though we have never physically met, that girl is truly one of my friends..

two, the stone and feather can be explained here where my daughter and i have begun a story a few days ago, http://theblackhare.blogspot.com/2009/05/stone-and-feather.html

Stacey B

It looks like you might have the works for an atlas of stones with all the locations that the stones are coming from.

Mathyld / encore petite

Aw Margie !!!
Another incredible "Stone Diary" ... Your friends are talented, more and more inspired and so generous !

And how sweet and delightful for me to discover Oak & Posie nested in such a dreamy corner of your blog !
Thank you so so much, dear Margie. I was so relieved to know that you received (and liked) them :)

x x x

PS : Andrea, is such an Angel !

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