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May 04, 2009


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andrea gutierrez

i just viewed these photos on your flickr and left comments. i love it!
p.s. i found some things on my walk today, and blogged them, if you would like to see :)


hehe- i love those wings! and the little pig that they belong to, too.
it sounds like you are very busy at the moment- thank you for sharing the passage from your book about the pandemic dangers.


Stay well, Margie! You're in my thoughts constantly.

Karen Salva

HA HA! Oh boy this is GREAT! I have had my hands full at work as well with this and remind people that there is always a risk with any flu but this one is no where proximate to the mortality of the traditional flu season. I offer the standard wellness advice, etc. Thanks for pointing readers to statistics. I wish the media would show more education now and on a regular basis. That would be too much to ask though...fear makes more money than education.


I admire you so much for making such creations in the middle of such a chaotic moment. You're wise & artistic, and you amaze me every day a little more, Margie. And I appreciate even more that you took time to visit my blog & leave a comment. (and so kind too - you always make me blush)
Keeping you in my thoughts always, Margie, that must be quite an exhausting period for you, even more than usual. Please take good care. xoxo

katie runnels

I adore your winged-Edgar...xoxo


An insightful, as always inspiring post Margie, thank you! Sending best wishes as always - cathy x

Q and Q

That little winged messenger is fabulous.


Ton cochon-angelot est super ...ton blog is wonderful et so humoristique...

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Obviously the current swine flu situation has been occupying both my professional and personal life as it has for most of us over the past week.

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this is something something that is out of the hands of most of us
and we must learn to live with it!
sun more rigorous health checks we can overcome the crisis not to let this terrible pandemic

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