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June 02, 2009


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How on earth can you work all day long, and keep creating & making your imagination flood you mind with ideas (and our -readers- mind too !) ?! Do you sleep at night, Margie ? Nanou answered this question of mine, as she said you were a fairy. Now that explains everything !
I love each one of the fishes you made, pins, softies ... everything looks so good. And I realize now that you even thought of people like me who can't crochet ... I would have never thought about blanket stitch, but this is BRILLIANT ! I'll be able to make myself these fishes ! Hurray !
Thanks so much, Margie, for bringing sunshine & inspiration to our daily lives. You're the best oxoxox

Chrissy Foreman C

Oh my goodness, these are FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Iw ant one. They'd be super cute in a mobile ...


Margie your posts are never too
long!! And your little sardines
are charming. We love them!!
I bet you could have added cat nip
and drove the kitties nuts with
them! LOL! I think that my group
will see these and want some too.
They look like the would not
take too long to make... if I can
squeeze the time in to do it.
Hum..... hehehe! Sonia is right...
Nanou too,... you must surely be
some earthly bound spirit...here
to heal the body by day and by
night the soul....yes..I think an
elf you may be...yes a sweet
little woodland sprite. Thank you
for your nimble fingers, and
ever creative mind.
Your daughter gets lovelier every
time we see her... they grow so
fast dont they? And your kitties
are so patient... you are such
a fun momma.
Loads of love.
Rane and hubby.

Mathyld / encore petite

Fantastic ! I love the way you turned these "fingers" (ha !) into very cool accessories !
Your girl looks ravishing and the cat is so stylish !

And thank you for thinking of those silly ones who can't crochet ! (such as me !) Because that would have been too hard to resist to a Tana Lawn tutorial !

x x x


These are so sweet. I like that you added a blanket stitch version - I already can do that one! Maybe we should start a homemade fish Flickr group, you and Nanou have made a start, I could add some I make with my class. We could end up with a whole oceans worth before long :)

andrea gutierrez

whenever i think i have found my favorite post, you up it a notch! i love the softie fish but then i was blown away by the cute little finned-friends in your daughter's hair! those headbands are fabulous!! oh my!!! if ever ever ever you like anything of mine, i would definitely be up for a trade (due to the economy all i have is my art for money, lol)!!


Oh Margie ! Your fishes are the most extraordinary and the loveliest sardines I ever seen !!! You make my little brain turn in all directions in my head ! Houra for your new fish fashion trend !
(Concerning Sonia's question "do you sleep at night?", I confirm that you are a fairy - you proved it on many occasions -, but I wonder, as you are a doctor, if you haven't invented special pills that avoid to sleep ... If yes, is there any chance to get a little pill for me, just one please ... ?)


this is fun to see your process - it put a smile on my face to see all those lovely liberty fishes. Oh how I love liberty prints - I recently made some little dresses from liberty prints.
thanks for all your sweet comments.

The Top Drawer

Adorable! Everything should be made out of liberty!

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i love this fish accessories, looks like a really good way of getting off the routine!

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