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June 09, 2009


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What a sweet package filled with love - just like Sonia herself ! Thank you for showing us your stone printing, I'd love to try this one, looks like something that would enthrall my children and my class.
I love the linen sombrero too it gave me a nice morning chuckle, and thanks for your kind comment on my post about my boy, a lovely morning read :)


Sonia is so super sweet!
Wow what a great package!
All of her gifts from the
heart! Love it all!
Your craft...do you leave the
plant on the stone or peel
it off? Does the plant stain
the stone? I have never tried
this, but it looks like the
kids would love this! I am
at the moment trying to think
of things to do with the kids
over summer.....this would be
great, if I do it I will post
the photos for you!
Margie you inspire us all! Thank
you for just being you! AND
for thinking of me today!
It warms my heart in this unusual
cool weather.
as always your photos are wonderful and fun, the little ones
will love them.
Loads of love to you and your
wonderful family. Your husband is
home? Wonderful to here.
Take care,


It's really so nice, so light, so sweet...like a dream.


oh, wow! what anamazing package. i love all those stamped notes.

and i cna't wait to try making some of those beautiful leafy stones! thank you for sharing. :) x


I really love this. What a beautiful idea and the parcels you receive are so full of love and creativity. I love to follow your blog adn discover your presents with you!


i just wanted to chime in with all the others of what a creative package you received from France from sweet Sonia !

also thanks for the tutorial on smashing leaves onto rocks with a mallet - this will be a great summer activity for my boys !

Quince and Quire

Such a nice package of gifts! So lucky. I love the strawberry pincushion.

Thanks for the info on making the leaf prints on rocks. Another great idea for Outdoor Art Day this summer.


Oh my Margie, I'm blushing from head to toe. :O
You are so very welcome for this humble parcel, I'm so glad you enjoyed everything, and that the customs didn't bother looking at what was inside.
I had to smile at the little sombrero you made with the linen cone that held the shells ! :) How cute !
Thank you so much for the tutorial, it looks like something I'll be doing this summer with my boys too ! So, thank *you*, Margie. Much love oxoxo


Sweet Sonia has such a big heart !
She's so incredible ! I'm not even surprised she's one to send stones/pebbles in the mail ;) all this makes such a lovely composition... leaf prints on rocks are such a great idea !


Sonia is so amazing that I'm not surprised that she was able to get the package to you in the midst of her own packing. I feel so lucky to have "met" Sonia through you and Maya, and she is so clearly a special soul and kindred spirit. It touches me so deeply that she shared the part of France with you that lives in her heart.

And yet another experiment in Stone Craft! I love the results and would love to try this with the kids.


I am loving this adventure you are on, everything feels fresh and light..then the package..ohh.. a new level of presentation has arrived..

How big are the stones you need? I hear the beach calling..


Sonia is one of my favorite women in the whole world. Her generosity and love are so far-reaching. So is her sensitivity... that liberty strawberry is so perfect for you. I love each of her little details... and in the midst of her move. Amazing! I love you stone prints, Margie... Love them!! The texture of the cheesecloth is fantastic. I'm sure you'll have a bunch of these being added to your covered stone flickr group.Sounds like we all want to make them!


What a beautiful package!

Elsita :)

Oh! You're so lucky Margie! Sonia's parcel was a very special gift to you. you can see how special Sonia is, all the details and what she wrote. How inspiration for you to get these amazing parcels, nothing is more amazing the the inspiration that comes from other people's generosity.

And the stones with the leaves are soooo pretty! What a great thing to do! I would love to try it with Natalie and Diego!
Thank you for the mini tutorial!
Elai :)

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