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June 29, 2009


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I love Jen's thoughtful fantastic parcel full of treasures and this thankful feeling that units all of us ! I like the poetry of her lovely wrappings. Her holey stones are so amazing and unique ! A new life awaits them in your skilful hands, Margie ... Love your pretty " dance wih the flowers" too. Fern looks delighted !
Such a nice post to start the week ... Happy Monday Margie, Jen and everyone !


What an amazing package to receive in the mail!
Each stone is exquisite!
And of course, your artwork is so very lovely!


What a wonderful series of treasures to unwrap! The visuals have certainly made my morning!

Quince and Quire

We get holey rocks here, too. They are always treasures to be saved! Such a lovely package you received.


those holey stones are wonderful! i can't wait to see what you do with them!


Oh! Thank you so much for the lovely ephemeral art! What an incredible gift - one of the "big surprises" I'm working on right now for my blog involves having many different artists illustrate their vision of the blog name!! Margie is the first, and without even being asked, yay!!! Now THAT'S synchronicity in action... gotta love it!


I love these Stone Diaries. :) Thank you for continuing to share what is shared with you.


What beautiful treasures. It just shows how much you touch people with your unique and creative inspirations.


Yay! We love these stone chronicles. Jen's box is so sweetly packaged and the contents are just so lovely and useful too. I can never pass up stones with holes in them. I'm drawn to them and like to imagine how the hole was made over the years. What a fantastic collection of them you've received and a sweet display you've made with them.

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