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June 01, 2009


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Margie, Margie, Margie ... how is it possible to start the week sooo high ?!?! I'm so loving the fruit of the collaboration bewteen Cathy & you ... oh my goodness, both your crochet covered stone PLUS Cathy's embroidery ?! Seriously it's killing. (um, I hope not, I need to pack more boxes before I die !! LOL)
Happy new week to you, Margie xoxo


oh, my goodness. both the poem and the crochet collaboration stone are exquisite.


Thank you Margie, for sharing these wonderful photographs - I am so happy to see the first poetic stone and how beautifully you have crafted this piece, using my snippet of handwriting and your exquisite crochet. I need to give your son's poem more time, the time it deserves, for poems need to be read and read again - so will be back to read more soon, have a good week you have made the start of mine that much brighter! x


A poem and images to savor, and to live. I woke up this morning with a poem birthing in my head, and your son's poem and the poetic injunction get me off to an inspiring start for the day, and week. Q&Q recommended George Bradley's "Some Assembly Required." Has B read it? I think he'd connect with the language play as I did.

Just saw Jenny Holzer's work at The Whitney in NYC, and the collaborative piece with Cathy has echoes of her work. Very powerful!!

Amylynn at Little Farm

I love the crochet rock with the beach pebbles and Lilly of the Valley! Very summery!

Great work!

Mathyld / encore petite

I really love Benjamin's poems !

And this stone ? It's like a dream come true ! You really DID embroider a stone !

I am smitten by the idea of artistic collaboration.

Thank you Benjamin, Margie & Cathy for all this Beauty,
x x x


A beautiful piece, with awesomely elegant crochet.
I read your blog every [space] day.
(hint, hint)

andrea gutierrez



A beautiful union. Wonderful words, sweet lace and embroidery clothing a stone. Beautifully photographed too - I'm looking forward to seeing more like these :)


I enjoyed this poem and love the third picture with all of the lovely embroidery floss hanging loose, the color of the stones and the floss, compliment each other so well. Oh! So much beauty here!

Kate Fern

I love this poem, the first stanza is so strong, I'll have to read it over again. The photos of your new stone are beautiful, how exciting to work in collaboration, can't wait to see more.


I really love this one !

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