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July 22, 2009


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I am sorry for the buggies who
died for this post but as you said they look like they are
just setting there not harmed
at all! My parents raised bees
for the longest time and I have
never seen a bee that big! She
is very faithful to keep working!
I know that they can get too
full to fly... but this bee was
large! Maybe she had Giant syndrom
for bees? hehe~

BTW...love your little spider
friends very colorful home, very fancy indeed!!

Loads of love and take care,


Your blog is beautiful !


Thanks Margie for teaching me that it's not the wings that makes the buzzing sounds of the bees & bumblebees, I didn't know about that. (ignorant me)
I enjoyed each & one of your photos. As always I must add.
Much love to you today.
PS : I would have loved to hear your voice, but the sound of the meadow was great as well ! Maybe one day, under the porch ?! xoxo


Beeeautiful pictures Margie. I love coming here :)


What beautiful pix, Margie! Bumbles are one of my favorite creatures and I've worked very hard to teach all the neighborhood kids that they needn't fear them (too often, their fear equals 'killing with a big stick').

Considering the time of year, your great big bumble was probably a male. They lose their wings after a mating flight, and soon die... it sounds horrid, but he's played his genetic role in bumble history, and Mother Nature is ready to recycle him...

Thanks for the great joy your blog gives me every day - I take a few minutes to spend with you no matter what, and appreciate it more than words can describe!

jennifer m

such a tender and delicate story..i'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog.
albert einstein knew the practical importance of the bees...he said that if they were to all go away, we would not last more than a few years.
(all of our vegetation would die too)

we all need to help save them since they're in danger:

looks like you're doing your part already..spreading the love!

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