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August 30, 2009


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Denise  @ A Bun Can Dance

I love your creative and pictoral ode to spiders! Webs, so fragile, and one of the most magical of all natural structures. I'm always taken aback when I see a perfectly formed web and look forward to the autumn days ahead when the dew will be lighting them like Christmas tree lights.
Thank you for a lovely post, again!
Denise x


LOVE this post. Love the photos. We, too, were able to watch hundreds of tiny spiders emerge from an egg sac in our window.

I love your creative interpretation of the spiders!

Here is a haiku by Matsuo Basho:

With what kind of voice
would the spider cry
in the autumn wind?


Thank you for this wonderful post, your test and pictures seem to capture my own love of spiders.
I know, writing lengthy poetry in a foreign language and then posting it online is a bad idea, but after reading your post i just couldn't resist. I hope it is not too much kitch or to badly grammar-challenged.

Requiem for a dream-weaving Spider

You were born a wee one,
without defence against life's storms.
You saw so many dead and gone
of your mates and friends.

But on and on you grew,
learning to weave,learning to hunt,
and you never knew
which wind would blow for you.

Yes grow you did,
and with you your fabulous weaves,
you sat in their midst,
looking lost in their pattern of dreams.

On and on you wove,
entranced me by the rhythm of threads
creating for me a grove
to wander in musings and dreams.

I couldn't look in your head
couldn't know your dreams, your joys.
I just could admire, half in dread
The rhythm, perfection, and softness of deadly weaves.

I looked at your weaving
in fall's soft light, covered with dew,
sitting there, always recieving
inspiration for mindless dreams.

Then you mated, procreated, perished
maybe you ate someone or got eaten, cherished,
in this very act:
was is this, what you did expect?

Was it this, what you lived for,
did you mourn, if at all,
your mates for missing all this?
Was it bliss, was it horror, or both?

I dreamt your dreams,
feeling them, but knowing them never
Watever they really were
may you dream them now forever.

You were something for me
that maybe nothing could be for you.
I truly hope you recieve the universe's thanks
just for being You.


I have been reading your lovely blog for over a year now, but never commented on it until this posting. I love this passage especially for capturing my own feelings about spiders and their place in the world. I was lucky enough to watch the emergence of baby spiders from their casing in my lampshade, which their mother had woven before passing and was still rather tragically hanging from on a stand of silk. I watched them grow and then balloon away on the breeze of my patio a bit later and I still miss them.
Thank you again for this wonderful post!


not sure I gave you the right email, the one on this post is valid. Sotty, feel free to delete this when you don't ned the mail adress.

Erin Medley

Very nicely done, and photographed. I wouldn't be within 10 feet of that critter! Spiders are so mysterious...


weaver of time
intricately mimicking the passage of our past
a mirage of our world


So lovely! The webs are being built across my sliding doors, where the outside lights will attract victims. And inside, on the handle of the refrigerator door. We relocated that one, hoping that he would have a better harvest outside.


i love this post. and the poems that people have writen.
your spider embroidery is amazing!


How wonderful to witness a birth of any kind.


I'm not creative in words, but I love your creativity.


day and night
you weave so tight
your house, your trap

so symmetrical
so architectural
both fragile and sturdy
an inspiration for all
you have to be

Um, that was my humble part. :) oxoxo


I wish I could write poetry, there are so many things I would say about spiders. I always have one every Fall living in the window molding above the kitchen sink. It peeks out in the evenings as I am washing up. Now the Black Widows, I am afraid they are dispensed with - too scary!


It is interesting, my first attempt to cover a stone was doing something spider-web-like. It was a few years ago (long before I saw this blog) and I was trying to weave like the picture of your embroidery hoop. It wasn´t too successful experiment :)


What a nice work with spider ! My daughter (4 years old) wanted a spider pet at home. I choose a "Pholcus", the tiny and elegant home spider and offered her a nice wood box. We feed her with insects time too time and she did 2 sets of 10 offspring ! The spider on the stone is excellent !


Wow, those spider embroideries are quite beautiful. I have to say I am a little afraid of spiders. Whenever I see one, I give it a name and catch it in a cup and release it outside, but just the thought of them- blech! But maybe hanging one of your beautiful embroideries would make me warm up to them more :)


I love how elegant and graceful spiders look. They've always been a favorite of mine.

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