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August 24, 2009


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oh Margie I often wonder if you
own the sands of time... how else
can you get all the things done
you do with such grace and beauty?
Thank you for this post...
The kids go back to school on Wednesday and I have been so super busy to get everything
done... Gav and Leo start preschool...just a few hours but
that will give me and the baby
some rare... one on one time
if I can resist not to craft or
do other work then.
Had your daughter went back to school yet?

Btw.. your stones are oh so lovely, and your friend is
so beautiful! Hope you are
doing well, Loads of love!
Rane and busy kids.


Love the flip side of your stones too! Everything you do is just beautiful. One of these days I'm going to get one of those merfish!!
They are just too cute! :)


Hi - I just wanted to comment on how beautiful your crocheted rocks are - such lovely designs making such common objects even more wonderful than nature intended.

And I think I once had those sheets! Unfortunely they probably ended up in a garage sale! Wouldn't you know -- now I'm collecting vintage linens for crafty projects! Ah well.


I think it's about time I bought one of your little beauties!


I love the flip sides too ... and one of the last 2 is mine I think! I am so looking forward to seeing my stone...


Simply gorgeous..., maybe one day I'll try to cozy up some of my beach pebbles and rocks.


They are so BEAUTIFUL!!! Do you have any now to sell or how do we get them????? You are so artsy :)


I had secretly wanted to see the underside for so long.. thanks for showing.


yessssssssssss there should be one of these envelopes going to my home sweet home !
(that's what make me delurk, can you feel a tiny bit of impatience there !)
happy week :)




Hello Margaret,

I just started following your blog. Your work is SO inspiring. This post in particular is such eye-candy! You really have a talent for seeing the beauty around you and showing it to us through your photography so vividly. I am a big fan of your stones and love the way you "dress them up" with other natural things, petals, etc. Looking forward to seeing more work with the mushrooms too. Thank you!


the berry hues that were captured in the second to last photo are spectacular; what a lucky thing that your camera was close at hand! as an aside, your raspberries look delicious!

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