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August 21, 2009


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I was thrilled to finally be able to buy a stone. I am so looking forward to seeing one in the real. Love the photo of the wet bench covered in stones.


I love all of your photos. I agree that last one is priceless!
Sorry I missed the sale (again). Maybe next time could you have it at 12 or 12:30?


The last photo is amazing


I'm sorry I wasn't home at the time of the sale, but I see it was a total hit, which I'm not surprised at all ! :D
All of your photos cheer me up & make me think of a sweet weekend. I hope yours will be lovely. Take good care & relax. Much love xoxoxo


I missed it as well! Next time for sure. Truly I'm happy all your pieces sold so quickly because it proves how beautiful and sought after your work is. It doesn't matter how often you're told by family and friends how brilliant you are, the proof is in the speed at which they fly out of your shop, and boy do they fly (perhaps you should crochet wings on your sweet stones, like your pig)!
Amazing images. I do hope you and your family escape the scary storms.
See you in a couple of weeks,
Joanie x

Mathyld / encore petite

What ?!? I thought the update was monday ...
My brain is like swiss cheese these days ...

I wish you the sweetest week-end.
And kisses to the kitties (my cats always hated storms, I hope yours will be ok !)
x x x

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