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August 12, 2009


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See ? I learn from you everyday (then I always tell my hubby & boys and they learn from you as well !) I didn't know fungi, yeast & plants cells could sing, even at a frquence we humans can hear as is.
Thanks for sharing the smiling stone, I think everyone needs such things all the time ...
I hope the temps went down today. HUGS xoxo take care !


Thanks to be, Margie ! Congrats to Maiz and a big hug to your great stone guy : isn't he a gnome who lost his hat ? :)

Linda Wright

I love reading your blog and learn so much in doing so. Singing yeast and names of things I never knew.
Your photos are just awesome.


I love this - singing yeast cells! thank you for the link! and you're mushroom song groups are lovely :-)


We all love you I think. And take great energy from your quiet walks and contemplation. So why not share it back!


I love the sound. It reminds me of the Mushi from the series Mushi-shi (which you would love).


Truly the music of the spheres. Imagine if we could hear it all!


Oh my ! Singing mushrooms. I had to send the link to my biology teacher son. That opens all kinds of curiosities about the nature of ....well, nature. Thanks for that.


i love these musical mushrooms. i'm so glad i have learned that they sing- i knew they were special!


Thanks for the smiles, Margie!


That stone is too good to be true!

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