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August 04, 2009


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Mathyld / encore petite

Thank you *so much* Rebekah for sharing these gorgeous photographs ... Some of them are truly breathtaking.

They also have a very special meaning to me. When I was (very) little my favourite uncle (and Godfather) worked during several years in the James Bay, so it is very touching to see what the place looks like.
Even if it's not exactly the same area ...

Thank you,
x x x


Wow! These were great photos. I think my favorite was the Tolkien. Thank you Rebekah for sharing your adventure. It's a treasure to see this while I sit at my computer in a city - makes me want to get out and see the world. Thanks!


Margie, you really can be proud of Rebekah (and of all of your daughters of course !) And she can be proud of herself too, what an amazing adventure she's lived, so many beautiful things she saw, and some other I suppose she would have prefered not to see. I hope my boys will follow such paths. The world needs family like yours, Margie.
PS : thank you so much for sharing all these extremely interesting photos, Rebekah, and for sharing your thoughts & observations. It was much appreciated xoxoxo

Catherine in France

the flower seems to be primula farinosa (I don't know the English name)
Thanks a lot for your refreshing and inspiring blog.


the flower does look like some kind of primula- you can grow them here in the spring.
i LOVE these pictures. i've never been to north america but am feeling very inspired by it!


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