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September 07, 2009


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Mathyld / encore petite

Dear Margie,

I was feeling a bit emotional today.
I left my mum's home a few days ago. And it's been a tad harder than usual.

So I decided that I'll go and visit her again on Halloween. Yay ! I bought a very cheap ticket and all :D
See ? Even when we get older, we still need our momma.
Especially when they're great like my mother. Or your children's mother ;)

Loads of hugs,
x x x

Marianne Wille

This is so true for me.


Most lovely post I've ever read. Struck my heart & tugged at tears but in a good way. I don't feel so alone as I watch my son "explode forth." Thank you.


this is a lovely post, margie. i think you have very lucky children. x


My children left on their own adventures years ago. I still miss their laughter and chatter. I is good to see them blossoming into caring adults with dreams coming true.
Beautiful post Margie.


I'm so happy to be able to see your lovely images and read your wonderful words once again.
This is a topic I've been visiting with my husband recently, it's foremost in our minds as our two children have just begun at their new school. I'll look up Skenazy's book, thanks.


Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten for my son, and when I read this, I felt as if you were writing it especially for me.

It is so sweet and bittersweet...


Tomorrow is the first full day. We're ready. I'm sad. happy. proud. This post meant alot to me. Thank you
p.s She loved her transition day so much that she couldn't wait for the morning to come. Just like Christmas. What more could I want?

Justine Costerouse

I just want to thank you so much for this post. I am a kindergarten teacher with a 12 year old daughter, and when I read it when you first posted it, I was thinking of all the new little ones who would come to me for the first time, and what a gift that was. Now, my own daughter leaves tomorrow for a week-long trip to the wilds of Yosemite, and I returned to this post to find my own comfort. What you have written is something we need to come back to again and again. I start my day every day by checking your blog. A much better way to start than the newspaper, I'd say! Thank you ever so much!

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