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September 24, 2009


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Mathyld / encore petite

Absolutely beautiful, Margie.
These images and words are so heartfelt, that I now have a lump in my throat ...

Lots of love to you & your dearests,


I got the cd you sent and I love it, wasn't sure I would but I do! Ty so much!


Such a beautiful cat! I got my little button mushroom in the mail today, it's delightful! Thankyou very much. xox


oh, how i love these photos. especially the first one, with the birds! amazing.
i hope you have a relaxing weekend and recover from your difficult week. x


I love the gentleness of your post about this cat.
It saw you first and came over to say hello...it looks healthy and that's good. Looking forward to reading your blog


I never thought to watch the sunset as a medicine against fatigue/tiredness before ! You are the best doctor ever, Margie ! Thanks for these beautiful lights.
Good luck for this last busy day of the week, all of us here would like to take care of you ...


These images are magic Margie and a real tonic to us all. I hope your weekend delivers rejuvenation and calm the way your photos do for us.

Helen Lansdown

How beautiful, the photos, the cat, your writing and the lovely simplicity of your idea to stop and watch the sunset. When I am at my most frantic, I will now follow your lead... stop, stare, enjoy and I'll never know who I might meet. Helen


it's really, really beautiful that even after a long, hard day, you still stop to find beauty and the comfort of a cat.

i remembered to do such a thing one day this week and it healed my soul.

why is it that i forget that sometimes?


Sorry it's been such a long, tough week this week, my friend. I hope you'll reload your batteries this weekend. Changing seasons also means more patients for you, and more work as well. I hope everyone will stay healthy. Big hugs to all oxoxo
PS : I didn't know you lived so close to the countryside. The photos were so beautiful & magical. Thanks for sharing with us all. oxoxo again :)


Magical is the word that best describes this set of photos Margie. Thank you.


gahhh i love the sheep and the silhouettes of the flowers. gorgeous.


I'm an active follower of the blog, and though I have felt compelled to comment before, I never have. But these photos! They are so beautiful!
Thank you for making my day richer. I feel like your blog gives me permission to slow down, reflect, and be grateful.

Thank you!


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