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September 10, 2009


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Denise  @ A Bun Can Dance

Hello Margie
What wonderful images and I love the further story about your connection with the milkweed.

Mathyld / encore petite

My mum makes fallen / colourful leaves bouquets all the time throughout the whole autumn season ...
That's all I'm gonna say :)

x x x

PS : Oh ! And dreamy pictures, as always !


It's lovely how connected you and your children have always been with a love of the natural world. You have so much to share with each other:)


Aw, I love this post! I didn't know milkweed either, but yesterday's post made me look it up. So don't apologize, I learned something new :)
I always enjoy both words and pictures by you, but this post, well I don't know, I just find it so touching! Thanks!!


My best memories are of walks in the woods and treasures found in streams... thank you for reminding me!

Helen Lansdown

What a beautiful post, and all those gorgeous russet leaves and gorgeous people! I know just what you mean about September; its a favourite of mine too. Have learnt about milkweed now, so thanks. Helen


Thank you so much for sharing the leaves. We don't get the variation of colors you do in the fall, but it is still a neat time of year for change from the heat to cooler weather and changes in all the trees and plants.

Am I noticing a paisley theme? I think I have spied it in some pictures of multiple covered rocks too. I absolutely love paisley. Nancy


You're channeling Andy Goldsworthy again. Gorgeous pictures!


i'm not sure which i like better- the photos of your leaf-arrangements, or the old ones of you all! what a beautiful family.
i especially love the milkweed-seed-scattering one. dreamy.


My delightful memory of the milkweed is the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers; there is just nothing like it. Thank you for bringing that back to me from 30 years ago!

Melissa R

Please tell me how to hold onto those days when you were a young mom and the kids were tiny. I know to hold them dear and enjoy them while I am living them, but I fear the loss of them so much that sometimes it undermines the happiness of the experience. My son is about to be 7. I have loved every age he's been. They are all so exciting, with their own joys and challenges. But I do miss that little guy that he was, I just can't help it. And someday I will be missing my 7 year old too. I know that and hold onto 7 tightly.


your tender memories of your children and of their childhood deeply resonates with me. i had a childhood spent mostly in the woods gathering up milk weed and cat nine tails letting these 'babies' fly into the gentle breeze... the descriptions and photo of the bag you made for your daughter brought tears to my eyes, i appreciate seeing your admiration for nature and for the intricate beauty there is to be found all around us. memories such as these are the hopes and dreams i hold on to for my children now and into the future. thank you for this glimpse into your life with your now grown children.


beutiful post!! ciao cecilia

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