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September 02, 2009


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I too LOVE this time of day because of the lovely sun and shadows. Truly a magical time of the day...


A walk in the evening after work is the perfect way to let go of what has happened during the day. Today felt particularly stressful and I was so glad to get outside and breathe when I got home. Thanks for sharing the treasures that you found. I really love the photo of the deer in the sparkling light.


What a lovely way to wind down your day. The forest is full of wonders. Great collection and keen eyes. Thank you for making it such a fun week to look forward to.


sun kissed gifts from Mother Nature!
you eyes should be one of the wonders of the world....
they have an amazing ability to capture nature...
you make it look easy...

Ginger C. Stathelson

You just turn your back on things for one minute, and magic happens. I guess the light faieries don't work well while being watched. They must have been quite pleased by your offering.


I envy the fall colours that you have! We had the first cool day (that it was comfortable to wear both socks and long pants) and leaves are only slightly brown from it being dry too long.


OHHHH that snail photo is my absolute favourite! I blogged the other day about a gorgeous wee snail I found in my own garden, he was so cute, he kept stretching up toward the camera. Unfortunately he was so tiny, about an inch total length, I couldn't crochet him a sweater small enough! I must buy smaller hooks just in case this happens again. The mushrooms in your forest are so sweet! All we have around here are pine forests and nothing grows through the thick piles of pine needles. It is a little sad.
I bet mother nature couldn't resist contributing her light to your little display - who could blame her? I hope you are having a beautiful day, your posts never fail to charm me.
P.S... Visit http://amyjuice.blogspot.com/2009/08/lazy-days.html
for cute little snail photo.


I love the way that evening light is so warm,inviting and magical. Beautiful


Beautiful photos as ever. I love the way you detail all the small changes in the forest.


I love your blog and check for new posts nearly daily. Your clsoe-up-to nature our truly inspiring. I'm hoping to try some crocheted rocks this winter. And I love love your thimble necklace! So kindred ... kind regards, Jovita


the snails are to cute

alice m

Snails in sweaters! Adorable. My grandaughter loves snails - I can't wait to show her this photo. And then I know what will happen. Nana, can you...?


Whaaaahhhh ! So beautifull !!! That's full of poetry, I love this season too and the way you turn forest treasures into lovely composition. I will look nature in a different way, more poetic, thanks to you. You make little simple things beeing fairytale and marvellous ! Love from Paris. (I apologize for my terrible english !)


What beautiful photos! I wish I lived near a wood and could collect mushrooms and leaves too!!!

Lovely blog, I'll stay tuned.


Cath from chunkychooky

nothing in the world can make an odinary object look extra ordinary more than dappled sunlight. so pretty.

Erin Medley

I love Autumn, I could live it all year round, minus the leaves falling to the ground, they are much better on the trees ;) Glad you could relax after work!


I need to go for a walk! The evening light in your photos is so beautiful! I just keep looking at them in wonder...
Thank you so much!


You have a lovely environment to wander in. This city girl is left wanting... LindaSonia

Christina J.

The light was beautiful! I love the porch dresser arrangement.


The light and shadows in the photo of leaves is are amazing!! Isn't it great when you can find beauty in the little things? Plenty of others would have walked right by. Gorgeous!


I love your nature arrangements and the way the light dances through them is beautiful! My girls and I go into our woods with a bag and collect different things. Usually horse chesnuts, acorns, maple leaves, clover, flowers, etc. It is always fun to bring them home and arrange them out in front of us. They usually become our centerpiece for dinner layed out similar to yours. My girls love to look at them, feel the different textures, and amazed by all the colors of nature.


So delicate and lovely, a pleasure to read your posts, as always! ~H


You always take such gorgeous pictures. Thank you for so many giveaways. I'm in heaven! :D



Although I regret not being able to swim now that our pool is too chilly, I am SO happy that the sun is back to make shadows on my walls. In Summer it is blocked by our huge oak tree but Fall and Winter give me beautiful lights.


You make me long for my home near Lake Ontario. We don't have real seasons or wrap around porches here in San Francisco.


Those purpley red mushrooms are beautiful. Wonderful photos to start my day.


what beautiful lighting. i love the thimble.

Melissa R

The light is magical, changing things ever so slightly, yet so dramatically!




Fall is my very favorite season. I think most people are sad to see Summer leave but I always look forward to it. I love the crisp air and the colors. Wonderful!!!

Crafting by Candlelight


I love your collection and all the wonderful arrangements in photographing them. You have such a marvelous eye!


Gorgeous! Missing the forest and all its many creatures...


Beautiful light, how wonderful!


You inspire me to re-discover the forest (or in my case, the prairie) around my home. I love your projects, ideas, and photographs. Thank you!

Laura A.

Ah, the beautiful light of September in Ontario. Bliss.


So pretty, isn't nature just the best????


Love your nature art... it's very inspiring!


Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and for reminding me that nature is full of artwork!

I'm eager to make your Lacy River Rocks featured in Crochet Today, but I'm having trouble finding stones. I will press on, however. Thank you for providing the patterns!


This is my fave post of the week so far. I wish I had a forest to walk in... because I love it all- snails, mushrooms, leaves, cobwebs, the smell!!! Luckily, I can at least catch a glimps of all of natures beauty through your blog ;) Not to say we don't have beauty here in LA, it's just different. But I grew up near forests to I miss them!

Jackie Wight

This magical time of year is my favorite, too....celebrate!!!!

Denise Leavens

Fern and Friend! Love them and the thimble necklace. Love the setting sun on your forest finds best, though.

Roseanna  Bogley

Fall colors already? I envy you. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Crisp, sunny days, apple pies, pumpkins and all the rest of the harvest. Cozy fires on Sunday evenings, glass of wine, homemade bread, and something yummy for dinner with the aroma of Mom's house....ahhhh!

Jenna Z

Cute cute cute!! Except that that caterpillar (millipede?) is creeping me out! It has spikey legs!


Gorgeous photos, the light is wonderful this time of year. What kind of caterpillar is that? It is beautiful. Enjoy your week.


gosh, that light is beautiful, margie. thank you for sharing your walk-finds with us! and the crackled paint of your new porch dresser is the perfect backdrop.


I would love to walk in your forest! What wonderful things you found. I especially love that prickly seed pod.


What a magical moment ! Thank you for sharing such beauty, they are real treasures!!! This is my favorite season , Fall... , enjoy!!!


Oh, that light! Sigh...


September is my favorite too.When you are young, you dread it because it means Summer's end and back to school. But you grow appreciate it later in life. Thanks for the lovely photos.


Can you believe leaves are changing already? There's a maple down the street with zero green leaves... the few remaining are all orange and red. Love the pictures!

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