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September 21, 2009


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Mathyld / encore petite

Your ideas, creations, photographs & ghosts are deeply haunting (they stay in my mind for ages)
And I just said on Flickr how much I love the purple-y colours of the maple leaves ...
This photograph has something magical and haunting.

x x x


No wonder why the photo of the old oar and rope is a favorite of yours, it's truly spectacular. And so is the necklace you made, I love the colors you chose. A beautiful tribute to your adventure :)


Another beautiful post! I could not have resisted the urge to go inside that cottage!
I love the old row boat and your lovely stitching on the branches.


these photos and your story remind me of being a child, going on adventures into the n.z. bush with my siblings and finding old huts and buildings. there's something so magical about your images!


what a very special place to visit indeed. Thankfully it wasn't spoiled by evil persons. I'm so glad you could guess who was living there & tell us the history behind tuberculosis sanatorium. My FIL had a primary tuberculosis when he was a little boy.
I love how you used the colors of the cottage in your new little spirit made of driftwood. You are awesome.


I love old houses and weathered surfaces (hence my current home). I often feel that I am on the search for an old, magical, mysterious home that I once knew--but have never seen.

Your crochet work is gorgeous.

Love all the photos!


I especially liked the photo where the colour of the door behind matches the chair in front.Also your ghost tree is lovely!Ariadne from Greece


I've really come to love your blog, and this particular post has brought back such memories of my mother. Back when she was just 20 years old (in 1930), she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was sent to a sanitorium by a lake where she was one of the few people to survive. I remember her talking about it with tears in her eyes for those who never made it out. The spot where her sanitorium was is now a hospital where my niece works once a week. Pretty amazing.

We used to have a summer house on Narragansett Bay and your pictures remind me of that house. My husband and I visited it a couple of years ago. Someone had just bought it and changed it quite a bit but we were allowed to go inside and visit. I used to think it was so big and now that I'm an adult I see how tiny the cottage really is.


Oh those colours, that paint, those steps, that porch! How could there be no one around to love this cottage - I do and like you, I've never stepped foot inside.

Laura A.

Thanks so much for always posting such interesting things. I had no idea about the TB sanitorium. Very very interesting. As was the cottage and the photos were wonderful!


i love exploring abandoned buildings! that was a really nice one.


beautiful images of the abandoned house + the one of the boat is absolutly devine, the colours are so pretty...

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