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September 08, 2009


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Jody Pearl

that looks like soooooo much fun!


These letters are wonderful!


Stunning !
The font makes me think of Mary Blair's books (yeah, I don't know why neither !). It's so beautiful, and the idea of the felt hoope is so great ! Have fun with them !
Big hugs oxox


The letters are gorgeous, I like the colours so much. And such a good idea to cut it up and play with the letters. I wonder what this german phrase was - maybe I can help with the translation? It must have been a very long sentence, as you miss only p, q, x and y...

Mathyld / encore petite

Aw ! Love these letters !
Very German (the flamboyant Gothic lettering) but the vibrant colours give it a little twist ! I love it !
And your last two pictures gave me my shot of visual joy for the whole day, dear Margie.

x x x


Those letters ARE super cool. I would never think to buy some of the stuff you do! Im super sad that garage sale season is just about over, and Ive hardly been out to any.

Melissa R

lovely letters. I wonder what it looked like before you cut it up? I think we'd love to see that photo as well!


Lucy beat me to it...but I could help..what did the German say? Did you write it down?
German faunt on ribbon ...how beautiful. But you almost have all of the english letters...
but missing some of the unusual german letters...right? Like the
dubble S? It looks often like this:ß
it os called eszett (sz) or scharfes S, or a sharp s
There are also umlauts:
ä, ö, ü and Ä, Ö, Ü

Although upercase umlauts are rare
to see.
Did you come across these letters
too? Sometimes they add e lets say next to the u is represent a
ü. And dubble SS to represesnt ß.
I am not surprised that you did not come across qx or y.... they
are not used much..usually borrowed words. p is used just less often.

I am sorry for the German alphabet
These are beautiful...and you almost everyday surprise me with your creativity... what a wonderful way to save older fabric
and ribbon... and give it a second life. I love your sunny leaves too! Thank you Margie...and for yesterdays post too...I could not comment...I was
crying to hard.
Loads of love to you and those you love.


Am in love with those embroidered letters, especially the capitals. Great Find!! LindaSonia


The embroidery is so beautiful! I'm a huge fan of fonts, I love all the various colours. Lovely find and sweet way to use them :)

Laura A.

Gorgeous! Great idea!


LOVE this post today. I try to recycle in my work as much as possible and find, often times, that it makes for more interesting, soulful pieces. I love the idea of things having a second life. Thanks for sharing that...

Gunnel Svensson

So very beautiful!


I am a cross stitcher myself and love old cross stitched pieces.Usually samplers were made by young students by stitching to learn their letters!You made a great game out of that sampler.
I have tried for ages to leave comments on your blog which I have been following for quite some time now and I really adore everything in it.Keep up.Ariadne from Greece


this is such a cool idea, margie. it reminds me of a felt coard i had when i was little- that came with characters and animals from bible stories that you arranged on a big board of felt.
yours is the beautiful, grown-up version. :)

Mathyld / encore petite

I'm sorry to barge in like this, Margie but this is a reaction to Rane's comment :)

Do you speak German, Rane ?!
German is my most favourite, cherished language ... To me it sounds like poetry !

"Ich nicht spräche Deutsch, aber ich liebe es, es ist sehr schön !"
Ack my German sucks ! I never get the chance to learn it ...

x x x


Very cool idea, they're so unusual!




Rane?! German lesson? You never cease to amaze me!


Such a beautiful idea!! I have been searching for words for the last few weeks and thinking of fonts, and now I will have to search out some hand-embroidered letters--or make them myself.

Penny-Elizabeth Neil

Gorgeous! I'm not usually a colour fan, but where I do like it is in this sort of 1960s pop art Medieval-ness. Pure love.

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