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October 27, 2009


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There...found you!
I just have to say that I LOVE!!! your stones. I was wondering if could make a post on my blog with your work and a link to you of course.
Things like this make me happy. So beautiful Ü

Mathyld / encore petite

"I added a tiny patch of moose moss to munch" ?
You just killed me by funny cuteness :D

x x x


Your badges are so so pretty and unique, Margie ! I love that moose ... and his moss too ! Thanks for taking time to show us how to make them, I had no idea before ...
And congrats for your interview, it's always great to see you're more and more famous, the whole world needs to know you !
Tuesday hugs.
P.S. I wonder who's going with you at work tomorrow to help for your busy Wednesday : Oliver, Fern, the moose ...? :)


ha! those are brilliant margie. i was laughing at 'moose moss to munch', too. i love it.
i'll definitely have a go at making one- thank you for sharing your ideas! xx

bethel of bethania

G'day Margaret,
Congratulations on your inclusion in the calendar + for the wonderful interview at Whip Up...
I find you to always be such an inspiration both with your ArtWork & your postive words... Blessings... B


This is so cool!! And a great way to use up the fabric scraps that tend to take over my studio.

I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

(link will go live at 8:00pm CST)


Looks great!! by the way, do you know any on-line store where I could get button badge's to do this kind of things?? thanks!!


What a fun idea. As if I did not like it enough already from the tutorial, (and the blog that lead me here, craftzine), I think it looks fabulous on the blouse.
I'm picturing these in the middle of holiday bows as a present topper that could easily convert to an ornament....


Thank you for this tutorial! One could make some lovely Christmas pins with this (using Christmas fabric) or even use a bit of crochet doily for the button part. Sweet!


This is so fun and really cozy for fall. I love the textures. Thanks so much for a fun project, I'll be linking.


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Really great job! well done for the uniqueness and quality.
And surly DO NOT modest your work, it's not just a "Fabric Covered Button Badge" but a really high quality and beautiful Brooch!

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Thank you for your tutorial, just what I've been looking for as I would like to make a badge for Wattle Day on 1st September.


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This would look better with pictures. I think it can be done by heat press printing on the fabric, cut to the size of the button. And since you get to choose the ribbon, you can put in some wacky ones for the kids to like.

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instead of adding the safety pin in the back, it can also be attached to a piece of thick fabric ribbon and made to be a napkin ring. will look lovely during the festive season since you can personalise the fabric.


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